Your assumptions must be false.

The world is abundant. You see millionaires here and there. They are everywhere but they are not your friends – why?

Because you have the different mentality.

If I don’t drink beer and smoke – I’m not interested in smokers and drinkers because my mentality is different.

Most people don’t think and most people’s behavior and response is based on emotion. Sure we all have emotions, but ENTJs have less of them.

If you see people living a different reality. I don’t know who you admire – maybe you admire rebels, maybe you admire philosophers, maybe you admire frogs – I don’t know, but I bet your admire freedom.

I always been an admirer of freedom because freedom is rare. Many people are stuck in a rut. And I’m stuck in doing fun things for myself. I quit smoking and drinking – man life is beautiful again, but not to scam you – I will tell that I’m doing kindof not so cool with cash. I’m still figuring things out, but I have a lot of chewed up information for people, who want to free their mind, because you will never afford to free your world with the mind which is not free.

I’ve been spending hundreds if not thousands to find something that works, haven’t found anything yet. But I will figure out someday. I just like writing, learning and trying things out. You don’t want to give up on your first try to quit smoking, you want to keep trying until you break free from smoking or whatever it is you are stuck with.

If you are living not the life you want – you have to question your knowledge and perceptions because the world is abundant.

There is enough of everything, if you want to scratch your ass all day – you can do that as long as you breathe air, drink water and make a shit.

Before you can attract abundance in your life – you have to get the necessities and only when you have what is necessary – you will have abundance.

Don’t do gambling with your money and don’t do gambling with your life. Money is worthless if you have no life with a working body, money won’t make you sad money will open your physical world but you have to think how to open your mind if you have the money.