You have only one choice.

You have the choice to have a life, or invest your life into becoming an expert.

This modern ages gives us the opportunity to learn theoretically almost everything we want.

If you don’t spend your time to grow your knowledge and competence and practical stuff.

You are going to be left behind and there won’t be any opportunities to you when you are behind.

Life is competitive because you want the best specialists in their field. You don’t want some jerks controlling the rules. Do you?

If you play video games, you’d better become an expert in that game.

You will need money in your life. If you won’t have money, you won’t have any choices but to grind in 9-5 job and if you won’t have any competence, you will be sweeping the streets.

If you don’t want to do any practical stuff do theoretical. Learn and teach others.

Spend your time creating yourself instead of saying there are no opportunities, if you don’t want responsibility it’s okay. Without responsibility you will be nihilist, but does your own pain don’t matter?

Do whatever it takes to build a world that you want to live in. Sure we can’t control every human person out there, but we can help those who are around us.

Ask yourself do you want to sweep the streets if you see the potential in yourself?

Do you want to express your potential?

Don’t let other people mislead you.

I’ve been there where nothing mattered, but I always wanted to learn more, to know more, since the beginning I wanted to be philosopher, but then I realized many people aren’t doing and upgrading themselves. So even though I didn’t finish any university, I’m so far ahead than some people.

You want to lead and help people build their character. You want people to fail and fail until they make it. You don’t want to fall don’t and never stand up.

I can tell you a secret. You will become an expert in a field where you fail the most. Seek out things where it’s cool to fail. Nobody is going to slap you when you fail.