You don’t want things easy and quick.

If I will get many views instantly, the views will fade – everybody can do something easy just because it’s easy.

If it’s easy we all can do it.

Everybody is a blogger these days, everybody has tips and shit. But the problem is that most blogs suck just because they are doing the same fucking thing.

I started a blog because there wasn’t my blog with my ideas and not how to masturbate guides. Most blogs are for stupid people – let it be.

My blog is for smart people who are one grade lower than me.

I was thinking for years to get this knowledge I’m sharing. Knowledge you gain quick is worthless because people who have the same knowledge compete with each other. Instead of helping each other to do something great.

I don’t compete with people. I collaborate or at least try. I don’t like competing because there will be always people who do things better than me.

But there won’t be people who do my thing. Nobody does my thing and I don’t have competition I am a monopolist.

If it takes years to gain this knowledge, this means it is worth the time to learn or the cash to buy.

Everybody who is doing the easy thing will be blasted out when times get rough.

Everybody who is doing quick, what’s after the quick is done – what’s the next move? Life is a move game – you have to do ninja moves.

If you want to do just one move – it’s quick. Move a finger. What’s next? Move another finger and you do moves until you die.

If you want a quick move just slice your throat and you’re done with everything. Why bother?

Why bother living if you don’t like your life?

If you don’t like your life, you don’t have to think about the cosmos, you have to think about the moves which can make your life better.

A person who was working for years and haven’t accumulated any wealth and is old, he has no time, he has no future but the least a man can do before he dies is to leave a memoir about things that were good moves and things that were bad moves, so the youth can learn from the old, misfortuned, disabled, because we are all people.

We all have to cowork to survive. But if nobody’s going to tell me how to think, how to do things – I will never understand it alone. If nobody comes – I seek, I search.

If you work and invest your money into low life products: alcohol, smokes, other stuff that sucks your health and money – you won’t accumulate wealth. To accumulate wealth you have to buy the high life things: time and assets, vitamins, good nutrition.

People here in Lithuania sell their hour of life for 3€.

With this price, your life is worth 2306880€ if you live for 90 years.

Every body is a millionaire… Some people just don’t get it no matter how many times you tell them…

I write this blog post because it’s my asset and it presents me to the world and maybe someday somebody will ping me with a deal.