You can do your own shit

Hmm, when I look at writers and brands and artists I know it’s hard to kick in to the market, did I say this correctly? Well, anyway.

I never pursued big and great things, but show me a man or an artist who doesn’t want recognition.

Every single ‘creator’ wants some recognition, even god wanted to be recognized so he created christianity and other religions to be admired.

Whenever you ship your shit – you’re going to be judged.

If nobody gives feedback on your work, it must mean that your work doesn’t get any views…

But well, fuck that… Everyone can criticize, but only few can do the work of creating.

Creating shit is really hard, most creators of music and other arts, even writing – blow my mind, – the lizard brain tells me: “you suck, you miserable fuck.” and everytime I fall for it… because it’s true.

PS. today I asked myself, why the fuck I started this blog? The answer is pretty obvious, to spam the shit out of the web with myself… Occupy the web, to be in the web and to die, well, in the web…

PPS. probably the best thing about blogs is – writing it…