Writing Improvement Software

I write kilometres of text and do talks in philosophy daily.

Since I was a kid, I knew I must work with assets. I didn’t want to sell my time because time is priceless.

After years of talking with people I noticed that most people didn’t grasp the asset working type. I work with assets so I could resell them.

When you sell time – you can’t resell it. That’s the main problem with selling time.

Since I was a kid I wanted to be in business but it was to figure out what kind of business it was. And I realized I’m in information business.

To sell assets, you have to create something for free – to sell it for a profit.

We need to create something that is in high demand or very specific so we would be in one market which is very very niche. And we need something that has high margin. We don’t want to sell information for 1 cent.

Unless it’s for marketing purposes.