Why there are no visitors on a website?

I’ve been online for many years and yet, marketing isn’t my strong side.

I realized that people don’t come to your website not because the website is bad but because there aren’t enough links online to ‘find’ your website.

When it comes to Google and Traffic – Google is not your friend.

If a blogger relies on Google to gain traffic and momentum, he’s making a big mistake.

Actually Google decides if our website is good or not. If a person wants good traffic, he should write all those click bait titles. They attract some traffic.

But to be honest, there’s no traffic because your website – sucks, nobody is interested in a website like this one. Because it’s just personal ramblings for people who know me – if people don’t know me, they have no interest in this website.


The website should appeal to people, but whatever, you’re better of making a website about cats or porn or whatever and it will be better than a blog with personal ramblings.