When you are lost, you need a mentor.

I started philosophy back in the day because I knew that I can’t build something long lasting by picking apples from trees when I have no trees.

When you are lost you have to seek out mentors you like. A person who is one grade higher.

A person who is not bowing to authority, a person, who is not smoking and not drinking and etc.

You want to come to productive and creative people. People who have ambitions in life. And there really is only one ambition – your own goals first.

If you’re like me – your only goal is to do philosophy teaching. I’m not a businessman but I like business.

I can make you ambitious, I can give a lot of cool mind hacks because I do philosophy teaching.

If you are lost, you have to remember that you don’t have to pursue anything, the world is abundant and can survive without your input, your input to the reality is not necessary, but without any input there won’t be any output.

There is a choice:

Red Pill – Ping Me

Blue Pill – Stay where you are and keep looking.