What to do if I don’t know what to do?

Okay man, I will break to you what all people are doing.

All people want to lift up other people and end the unnecessary suffering.

IF you don’t know what to do in your life, you should pick a specialization. And build competence. If you choose to be a generalist, a person, who knows a lot about many other things – you should specialize in teaching others.

Teaching and bringing knowledge in other people is the most valuable thing to do.

If you choose to specialize in a certain field, you should go to the university and grind just because surfing the laptop you won’t learn anything practical. If people can’t do practical things – they are useless.

If you want to be a teacher – you should spend your time gaining knowledge in fields that interest you.

Don’t be opinionated, that you don’t need a university. If you want knowledge to be distilled into your brain. If you want to pick what you like and want to be self-taught. Listen to podcasts audiobooks and watch lectures from the universities.

Without competence your knowledge is useless. Therefore you should always be a long time learner. Don’t waste time watching bullshit videos or reading bullshit articles which delude you from the main goal of all humanity.

Become a creator of your own reality. I’m good at philosophy and I spend my days learning about it and then I write things down so that other people can learn.

Building authority will give you power. Building knowledge will give you opportunities.

IF you have no knowledge – you won’t have opportunities, if you won’t have opportunities – you won’t have money, ever.

Learn sales, marketing, socializing and networking, talking, writing. Build up your skills so you would be in demand.

Dedicate all your life towards a single goal. Since people are different, you don’t want to waste your time. Hire yourself if nobody hires you. Build your online assets, work with systems that work on their own while you sleep.

If get at least 10 people into your tribe this means you have something of value.

Don’t rebel the system, but if you’re not a rebel.

Doesn’t matter how much you’ll rebel you can’t do anything alone. Because people will outnumber you.

Your main goal, like the goal of all smart people is to end unnecessary suffering of all people in the world. If you want to rule the world, build your competence. Don’t think that you can’t influence the world around you. You – like all people in society are a node, your duty is to bring up the people around you in any way you can imagine.

Get a long time goal. And don’t get distracted by your emotions.

Good luck.