Creating something good for the web is a tough thing.

Don’t let those ‘have my life’ bloggers give you the ‘dream’.

If making it online is so easy and there’s so many money around, money people are literally throwing away, then why are we poor?

People are giving away money. – wrong.

I’ve been doing things online, trying to create a non-job for many years and I have failed. I always seek for new ‘ventures’ if you will.

You see, you can market stuff as much as you want but if the stuff is bad – nobody’s going to talk about it and nobody’s going to buy it. Advertising is expensive. I’ve tried it and it didn’t work out for me.

If people aren’t talking about you and your ideas – you most likely suck.

This is Seth Godin

His ideas spread. I just don’t know why but I just keep mentioning him all the time. But you know he’s rich and successful, people really like him and I have no doubts that he likes people.

Anyway, you can spend years creating something worthwhile and yet, nothing magical will ever happen.

There are people who like other people and there are people who are like me – they are not liked by the people.

If people don’t like you – you can’t make people like you, you can’t force people to like you and when people don’t like you – you dislike people.

When we talk about effort, I’ve been doing a lot of counterproductive effort.

I keep producing and producing, but my stuff just doesn’t work.

I guess some ideas and some people will have trouble in the ‘work’ section of life because let’s admit it – doing things you love and like is way better than doing something you hate.

As I said before, somewhere, I pursue fun. But fun ≠ money.

When I started creating ‘my empire’ if you will, I had this dream where I earn so much money that I can travel the world and work from anywhere I want.

It’s a fair dream and I keep pursuing it because really – I would love to break free but when I started actually doing it – I realized how hard it is.

It’s a real challenge and it’s worth doing because that life is worth living.

But after 6 years, I’m in the same boat as I was before – things didn’t move at all, that’s how hard it is because everybody’s doing it.

The competition is really hard. Most people would have quit already. But I keep doing and doing and maybe it will work out – I don’t know.