If you’re not living in 3rd world countries like Lithuania, even if you live in 3rd world country and you have the web – you can be making money via the web.

Many people do it.

And many people don’t do it.

Sure when people do the same exact thing it’s harder, but then again, every person wants to belong in a tribe, if I made money with my lame Youtube vlogs, so I can say anybody who does tribe building and community building can make money online.

Essentially it’s the matter of marketing, if you believe you have something to offer you should be online.

You want to suck cash from America, because America has a lot of money.

Even if you’re living in a 3rd country – your expenses are way cheaper than of a typical american household.

If a typical american salary is $51,939 it’s a great number, because here in Lithuania typical worker earns just 400€ per month, so it’s just 4800€ per year. Can you imagine how crazy it is?

Typical American earns x10 than a typical Lithuanian guy.

The more money people have, the more they can spend.

So essentially a blogger has to lure out that money. Sure sounds evil, but you have to sell something if you want to survive. And American people want even more money, they have this American dream.

Living in Lithuania is really extreme.  If I could earn 400€ from my blog later in life, I could be living a decent life.

I always wanted more out of my life, but hesitated for years to start, but now I’m ready. I’ll show everything if I’m successful, so don’t forget to subscribe or leave a comment.