When the web was introduced to the world, they thought “we can make money with this shit”.

Now everybody is on the web.

And the reality is that most people on the web – struggle.

They struggle so bad.

Only minority of people can make an income online. Other people have to do other things. Just because if everybody is online, who’s working outside? I know you get my drift.

The game is about – who likes you, not what you do and what’s your effort.

If people like you then they’ll pay, if they don’t – they won’t.

Working online is simply pointless.

People pay money to people who promise them the “lifestyle” that they want.

But there are few obstacles.

  1. If you buy things online which teach you about certain lifestyles – you most likely won’t be able to produce a product of a certain quality and;
  2. On the other spectrum you won’t be able to bring traffic to your own website.

As a creative person I can tell you – it’s really hard to produce something good, even when it’s good people might not buy it.

It’s hard, that’s why most people struggle.

People like Jon have tried it all – some things just don’t work.

And these people have tried it all.

You want to sell, sell, sell and not hope for generosity, because in a world of selfish bastards it’s hard to survive.

PS. I bought two teddy bears and gave one to some kid, it happened so fast that the kid didn’t realize what happened.

PPS. It’s good to be generous.

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