The abundant world and you, what’s the relation?

Since the beginning I knew that world has all the specialists all the guys and girls who do dentistry, philosophy, just name it. There are people who are doing everything and we are getting smarter and not dumber.

But since the beginning of the TV, people stuck to the screen and it’s all fine if you want to watch a girl suck on someone else’s dick and not yours.

The computer is more like with input, input which lets other people to watch you do stuff. You can put the dick on computer with your phone or laptop, let other people watch if they want. With TV you had to be submissive to the information.

The world is full of information, porn and everything.

Your duty is to wake the fuck up and figure out why you have a bad life, a life you don’t want to live, but you have to live.

The problem with philosophy is that people who live in the barrel don’t think why they live in the barrel but instead think about the cosmos, the universe.

People who think irrelevant things, get nothing.

The solution to your problem has to be in some point – relevant.

If you can reach people – reach to them because everybody is waiting for some sort a beneficial deal, people are literally waiting for you to call them.

Your dreams are just a person away. Call a guy with many millions and offer a one million deal, but to do that you have to actually do something really great.

Currently I haven’t done this, but someday I might.

Think things that are relevant to your current situation.

If you have only a pc – use a pc to gain knowledge, reachout to people.

Ping ping ping.