Actually I don’t regret on my life’s choices but I regret of not being a normal and formal entity.

As I recall school – I was not interested in shit people told me because at the very baby steps of my life I knew I was not going to be working, generally I was interested in philosophy and after 30+ of philosophy I realized that philosophy is useless.

What I do isn’t even philosophy, these are just thoughts…

I just don’t know what people do with ‘philosophy’, is ‘philosophy’ even a thing these days?

If philosophy is so useful, why there are no jobs labelled ‘philosopher’?

I guess philosophy by itself is just bunch of bullshit…

Right from birth I was defined… I would rather be a dumb mindless fuck working at mcdonalds or elsewhere… I’m not saying these folks are dumb or what, but wtf man I do with all these thoughts? I bet every single thought I have is written before.

I wish I would love creating music or something useful….

Now, I got just bunch of useless knowledge… 🙁

Fuck man I hate this stuff, can’t even make myself a living, have to depend on a dole and other stuff – how these people do their stuff I just don’t know.

Read and watch about money stuff, but this stuff doesn’t make me money.

I guess I’m just a small little stupid man.

Couldn’t even survive on my own – fuck this…

I suck – at least I’m honest.

I see these people who just mind blow me everytime and then I actually question my knowledge and really understand that I’m the stupid one…

I just can’t compete. I have no competence as a writer, as a blogger and as a creator of cool things because if I had – I would have some cash and now I’m a bum.

This man is being honest with myself.