Knowledge, product, people.

If you’re like me – you been thinking a lot and I mean a lot.

To sell something, we have to create something or to pick up, or to grow, or to build – it does not matter what you can do as long as there are people who want our stuff.

If people want our stuff, we have to pack it perfectly.

Even when I’m selling shit or philosophy – I have to do the packaging and the shipping.

What’s the difference between expensive shit and cheap shit, when it’s the same shit? It’s a skin – a package – a story – a belief and a “religion” to some people.

I’ve been giving away information for free for years and people don’t want it.

Today people don’t want even free unless it’s packed with a good skin.

People would rather take garbage which is packed beautifully and not take valuable information which is without a skin.

You see, when you look for pranks – the system gives you more pranks and all you have in your head are pranks.

I look for philosophy, to build my foundation as a philosopher, as a thought leader – to lead the thought. My riches are invisible to the eye, they are visible only to the mind.