I just don’t get people who buy information products.

Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash

More Info?

There’s an overload of information. Information there, information here, information everywhere. You just can’t get enough of the information and most of the information is simply said – fluff and bullshit.

Sure you gotta be smart to understand some physics and chemistry or biology but man, there’s just too much information to consume.

You gotta specialize.

I can’t understand.

Why people are buying information which supposed to give you the dream life. You don’t have to pay anybody to have the life you want.

If people want to be rich they should attract money, not spend it on various information products. There’s an abundance of information. Sure it is scattered over the web, but for somebody who’s looking for information – the pirate bay is the way to go… or the library…

Sure I’m not the guy who’s going to give you all the information, man I would pay you just so you consume it.

Information leads to more information.

When you learn something really hard and get to a certain degree of knowledge you always see new horizons opening up and they open up almost all the time as long as you keep learning.

You know what? It’s not worth learning it all because people are printing data and information everyday. There’s 8 billion people and most of them are producing information products for you to consume.

If you can’t steal it, it’s probably not worth buying 😐

Everywhere you look, you see people saying: “consume“, “buy“, “buy even more with a discount“.

And when you buy something – you get that rush in your body: “Man, it feels good to buy stuff“. I need more stuff.

Sure, not everybody can make a good information product, just because many people are wannabe’s who want to make it big. Everybody wants recognition but I can tell you – I got few books for free and they were so bad even for free.


Most information products suck!


Because most of us are amateurs. We all want to be admired.

… and when you’re an amateur – your opinion simply does not matter.