I tried to program, many many times, I kind of understand some of it, but coding just pisses me off – because of the rules…

While in writing, there are no rules… Well at least I know some rules of writing, but coding man it pisses me off.

When I was a kid, I didn’t learn to code because I saw how many of the code people are creating. I just can’t code, in fact man – I can’t do anything.

I just don’t know shit, everything is hard and boring.

Played guitar 2 years and didn’t learn anything major… I feel respect towards people who play music, because wtf man everything is so hard.

PS. Today is the day of me being pissed and dull and bored.

PPS. Quit writing the gratitude journal, in fact writing is stupid but I have these urges of writing. I wish I was like normal people, without any creative urges, because, let’s be honest – my writing, both lithuanian and english – suck.

I don’t want to create anything. I want to, but I just can’t produce anything good and worthy… I just want so write a fucking diary about my miserable life.

Fuck everything.

../., (-_-) ..\.,