How to write a book

When it comes to writing a book, you want to focus on having fun.

I generally write stupid funny books, so in a way I know when I laugh while writing it, the other people will laugh, too.

Your first book will be piece of junk.

Well in fact, your first 1 000 000 words will be shit. But if you won’t give up writing and building your blog or whatever, you can get this count in couple of years.

If for example you write daily 2000 words, then it should take you 500 days.

Of course some people say to delete your first words, but I say let them stick.

1 000 000 words are really a lot.

You get practice when you write, try to experiment with new styles and etc.

But don’t get caught with it when people say your stuff is piece of shit.

When I wrote my Lithuanian book “Kas yra Garetas?” I realized that this book is my main asset. And people liked it.

When writing a book – you want to have a purpose, should your book be funny or stupid and then you have to deliver that promise.

Always think about what you want to deliver.

Good readers always think about the reader, I don’t think about the reader that makes me a bad writer. I think about conveying an idea.

Books and any written text is an intellectual asset you can sell or give away for free.

Give yourself permission to write shit. The more shit you write – the better you become as a writer.

Due to over supply of text all text is considered shit, because barely someone reads it.

The best way to become a writer is to write books and make them as audio and publish them on Youtube.

When nobody knows who you are, most of the time nobody will buy your book.

So before you write something, build an online website or blog where you show of your skills.

Readers have to pick you, you don’t pick readers.