How to know ‘what I am good at’?

When it comes to creating something for monetary rewards, people want to hire those who have the highest competence in the field.

Would you go to a dentist who would drill your eye?

I bet not, that’s why everybody should have some skill which he is good at.

But don’t follow the road of “everybody’s good at something”, just because it is simply not true, there are people like me who are simply good at nothing.

I have this business degree and some other degrees which I found simply useless. It’s not the degree that makes one in high demand. It’s practical experience.

I bet after 50 years there will be automation in every corner. I knew from the start that learning a lot of things is simply worthless.

Sure I could teach you ‘how to start a blog‘ or ‘how to start a porn website‘ or something else but due to information overload I just don’t want to be a guy who offers the same stuff everybody else is offering.

I could be writing books and making t-shirts for sale, there are many things one could do but it all boils down to traffic and conversion.

If you’re a ‘good‘ writer – why your books don’t sell?

if you’re so ‘good‘ – why are you poor and unemployed?

Doesn’t matter which road path you will take, becoming an expert and building an audience is a hard task… I don’t want to tell people that making money online is easy, that attracting an audience is easy because there’s so much nonsense in the web.

If people are making good cash, why are they on quora answering questions? Why are they creating content on youtube and instragram and facebook? On platforms where they can be banned any day?

After spending time on those platforms I realized it’s not worth to even be there, because the audience will not follow you. If they’re seeing your content – they will consume but when it’s not there – they will instantly forget and nobody will care about you if you haven’t established your brand.

Sure Pat Flynn gives good advice on making passive income.

You see all these people looking good. If they have business they are good at it.

They can afford good cameras, clothes and etc whilst many people can’t even look good.

Sure having the knowledge is okay, but you have to sell that knowledge. If you see people teaching you to earn money or creating passive income, you’ll eventually have to do the same. If you want to earn passive income from philosophy it won’t happen. I know just two modern day philosophers – Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Žižek, I could know more of them but have to admit – I really don’t care.

Then it comes to this – you can know people but don’t bother to even read their work. This is what many people are doing. Sports gets more views than philosophies and whatnot. 

You can be good at one thing or maybe two or more but if you don’t have anything valuable to the market – you won’t be making money. Sure I could pursue education but man, I hate learning useless information.

Doing your own thing is like really hard.

Most people aren’t interested in ‘what‘ is being told instead they are interested in ‘who‘ tells the story. So if you’re a no name author, writer, philosopher – you’re going to be laughed at.

The other thing is: you can’t choose what you like. You can’t like what you don’t like. If I could choose what I like, I would go to the gym and lift those fucking weights but I’m fucking lazy and tired.

You just have to pick something and master it.