How to know if you have some value to offer?

When it comes to valuable asset building, you should get some people reading your stuff if you’re into blogging.

10 people who are loyal is enough to know that your stuff helps somebody out.

If you analytics shows 10 daily visits, it’s really good as a start point.

Because people are different and have different needs – your purpose as a writer is to give people new ideas about life and business and whatnot.

The problem with modern blogs is that every single one blogger writes the same shit over and over and over and over again.

I’m sort of enthusiast with computers and as a computer enthusiast I know that you don’t want to solve the same problem twice.

Just write how to blog into google and you will be flooded with billions of results, people solve the same problem. And this is a waste of time and resources.

Sure your blog has to be niche, but you don’t want to pick an oversupplied niche.

Instead, from a writer standpoint focus on your own problems and find solutions to your own problems, because there are a lot of people with problems like yours.

It sure looks like people have different problems, but in essence we all are humans and we want to realize our most deep desires, we just don’t want things, we desire things and if you get what you desire – your life is awesome.

For me, I’m a no lifer, I just don’t have any opportunities here in Lithuania. Nobody watches my vlogs and nobody cares about me – this is a harsh truth.

I hesitated to start a blog since I was 20!!! 10 years of hesitation and here I am. Blogging, trying to fulfill my dream as a writer.

My blog won’t be fluff and bullshit, sure I won’t market it because marketing sucks.

People who shout more win, but those who are humble are more desired.

Sure I’m arrogant, maybe self centered but that’s just ENTJ talking.

I always wanted to make a blog and write what I want and make some money.

I really don’t like selling, I like giving my shit for free, but in this capitalist world I just can’t survive without sales.

In a way we all have to sell something to somebody.

Making it as a writer is really hard, don’t believe those who were lucky. Half of amazon’s books don’t have sales, not because they’re bad, but because nobody knows the author.

And there comes blogging: blogging essentially is tribe building.

Many people say that blogging is dead, but I don’t want to believe it.

Communication among people will never die. And creative human writing will be more valuable than computer generated texts, because computers don’t experience the life, they don’t need to survive.

As a writer I always believed in myself, I thought I could make something good out of myself, but my life just gave me shit, shit after shit.

I ended up without friends and ended up being lonely with almost nobody to connect with.

I know I have some value, but my value isn’t based around money making.

As a money maker I suck, but I want to build this blog as my intellectual asset.

I don’t have a reader person. I always wrote for people who are like me.

Because let’s admit it – loneliness sucks ass. It’s really hard to be alone in this world.

And when you think enough, you realize that everybody is lonely. Friends get married or die out or go somewhere else to look for luck and there you are – alone.

People can tell you great stuff if you listen to them, but the essential problem is that nobody cares about the poor, ugly and lazy. Wherever you have some value to offer or not.