How to become a genius

Okay dude, chill. Becoming a genius is really and I mean really hard.

Genius is not somebody who creates all these inventions.

Genius, simply said, is a person who thinks in a genial way.

You can think about life as it is full of limitations or you can change your perspective and think that life is full of opportunity.

If you want to blast out as a creative genius, you need to create – sure your mind can be limited and it is limited, but you want to focus on the output. The more you create, the better it is for your creative thinking.

Life has a lot to offer for creative people, the easiest way to become a creative genius is to write books or articles.

Despite your current knowledge, you should increase your creative output, but you have to consume knowledge of other folks, turn on Youtube and watch all lectures in philosophy, if you prefer this route.

Because if you want to be a writer genius, you need to know a lot about various topics.

Most people spend time watching and reading shit online. This is a fact, only few spend time consuming great knowledge.

Knowing a lot of things will make your mind go crazy. And thinking too much might drive you insane several times, but when you’re used to it – it becomes a habit.

It’s really hard to think by one’s self.

Listen to audio books, steal them from pirate bay if you don’t have money.

The more knowledge you consume, the chances are you move from ordinary thinking into a domain of high intelligence which will boost your creative, analytical, critical thinking.

Suck knowledge every day. And you’ll be with genial knowledge in no time.

I do this every day, but the downside of this is that then you won’t be able to talk to people, because most don’t learn and are so down.