How not to waste time

Okay, there are a lot of time wasters in life.

If you really want to make it in life – you have to pick a field where you will learn everything in it.

Time wasting is something that doesn’t make you money.

Everything you spend time doing makes you in the end.

I know from my experience, if you’re a content writer – you want to spend your time creating content for your blog or vlog channel.

The thing is – you need to decide, if you want to have a life or you want to invest your life in becoming an expert in any field.

Since the begging I decided that I will be a writer. So to become a really good writer I have to write my ass off.

I spend my time building my intellectual assets. Just because living without money sucks and in general outside is boring. I don’t admire being outside without money.

I don’t want to go outside and wander without money, if I go outside – I sure know I will be buying some crap I don’t need, but it makes me feel good.

In a sense, you want to spend your time creating something. It can be anything.

If you’re a no lifer, you don’t want to spend time gaming unless you’re becoming an expert in a game. You don’t want to spend time consuming shit from other people, instead you want to create your own shit so that other folks would consume it.

Don’t watch stupid videos online, instead watch something that expands your knowledge in any field you might choose.

Work with systems and try to make a system which saves your time, because in the end time is what you have got and time is a great asset.

I never sold my time, well maybe for 3 months and I didn’t like it. Then I choose to invest my time in becoming a philosopher and since philosophy is something you have to write about, then I realized – I need to become a good writer, to get some admiration from people. Sure I make mistakes here and there, but whatever.

Don’t be afraid to be in business. Don’t be afraid to fail, the more you fail the better.

Don’t let people talk you down from any of your ideas and don’t let people tell you that the job you created yourself is useless.

I believe in my job and it makes very much sense in creating a blog and building my tribe, because I know I can make some bank.

In the end you have to be obsessed with some habit then you will be very successful.

It may be lifting weights, or driving a racing car – you choose what you want to do with your life.

Let’s admit, many people don’t do anything, they wait for the perfect circumstances, but from my experience I can tell you – that perfect circumstances just don’t come 🙁