How not to be a writer.

When it comes to writing novels – it pisses me off because I’m not a novelist, I’m a blogger. I like writing short blurbs and not long text which won’t even be read by people.

I can create good names for books but writing the book itself is really hard. Don’t believe who say that writing books is easy – it’s really hard.

I have written several long texts here in Lithuanian language but people don’t read long texts. I sure don’t.

If you can’t write long form texts – you’re probably not a novelist.

Over my writing journey, I realized that I’m actually a terrible writer.

If I would be good, I would be rich. Then again. It’s not worth writing something long whilst not having a real defined audience. Because nobody’s interested in what’s written, everybody’s interested in who’s writing, not what or how.

So before doing some major book writing. I advice to start a blog and look if people like what you’re writing. If people don’t read your blog, they won’t read your book. Period.

Building an audience is really hard, don’t believe people who tell you it’s easy because they want you to feel good. I been writing for 6+ years – achieved absolutely nothing, although some people like my texts.

I prefer to keep it short and just drip, drip, drip into a blog with shorts blurbs.