Well I never seen a giver be poor, people who are poor are takers, not givers.

I don’t know, I always have been good to people even though most people piss me off.

There’s just some things I don’t like about people, so I’m good to strangers I don’t even know.

Anyway most people are good, The traveller Karl Bushby told this:

“Countries more known in the media for danger, intolerance and terrorism. But, without exception, my encounters on the road made me realise that the vast majority of people in the world are good people,”

I know it’s hard to traveller but when I think about it I really don’t want to travel anywhere.

I want to sit and do nothing, be good. All that zen stuff because the world is a big scary place and it’s dangerous…

I would travel by train – fast, safer than car but costs $$$$….

And I’m so ZEN I don’t even have $$$$…..