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Before we can free our world, we must free our mind. Free our mind of stereotypes, assumptions of other people because nobody has the time to think about us.

I don’t think about you, but if you have something to offer me I might be interested.

We don’t want to rebuild the world because it requires a big amount of energy and will be barely shifting to your side.

Instead we must free our mind because our mind is not free. Meaning that if you have been working for others for years and have nothing in your bank, where do you spend your money?

I don’t have money because I never worked, so for a person not to have money who is not working is normal, but for a person who wants to live good now and not later in life, well you know – something must be wrong with your perceptions.

In previous post I wrote about abundance. The world is really abundant and something is really out there for you to take.

If you don’t have something must be wrong in your perceptions and the way you view the world. And your duty is to figure out what it is.

My mind is free, I have lost my mind, but now I want to free my world and get access to everything I desire. I am laser-focussed person.

I always pursued fun and I have fun. I am always figuring out things. Because figuring things is fun. I can do whatever I want because the world is abundant.

Look around you, what do you see? If you will look closely – you will see the matrix full of people, people doing something to survive. How can you help them survive? How can you create win:win situations in a world where everybody is a scammer? By being truthful.

Remember that most people don’t think. And if you think and try to understand what you are told – you have a big deal of advantage.

Free your mind, free your world.