Don’t learn business as your main skill foundation.

Since I was a kid, I wanted to do business, because you know – when you do business the business works and you, well, don’t.

I read books on business and on money and now I know how to do business, but…

But the problem is that business is my first foundation…. back in the day I was good at sales. I selled real stuff to real people – pirated game dvd’s, fixed computers, did some snow shovelling, but at some point I started selling the invisible… to people I actually don’t see – to people like you…

I don’t want to say you shouldn’t learn business at all, I just want to tell that business should be your second occupation, just because the first thing you will learn is the thing you will be selling.

I been doing philosophy as my “main” thing and you know, philosophy is formless which means that you can’t take philosophy into your hand as you can take ice cream.

When business is your first skill, what will you sell if you only have business on your skill set? What will you sell? What will you market? Business? Will you teach business while doing business on business?

If I would somehow increase my income per day or per month only then I could teach business. Now my income doesn’t come from sales, it comes from disability dole and I am thinking how can I invest(?) my money to make more money.

I invested in a blog because all people have a blog, at least all who a prolific and successful.

I just can’t understand why people give me money for free and don’t let me earn that money?

Vygintas Varnas

If I would earn this money I would be happier, I would have more status but if people give it me for free, I look as a cheater who gets money with cheats.

I want to do some good prolific work. I write a book – nobody needs it, I write a post – mostly nobody reads it and after being in “business” or at least trying to be in business in real world I fail and fail.

I know I could do some stats analysis, because I’m a stat freak but nobody gives me this kind of stuff to do and since I was a kid I tried to do my own shit but nothing gave, nothing gave until today. I had some ups but then it instantly went down. I tried in lithuanian language for years and nothing really worked. I just can’t understand why… no wealthy person will tell me what I am doing wrong.

I could buy a costume or a better camera or better audio but that’s not the point I guess. I don’t know, one person who does youtube told me that I must work harder…. but I give a lot of value to the world but it’s not made in a quality way.

Yesterday I did 3 hours of philosophy.

I guess nothing is really ever good enough.

Robbie Williams & Vygintas Varnas

I actually did good things back in the day but the market changed and I have now a lot of knowledge in useless skills, man… Sure I can learn something new now but it takes years to master something and who knows, maybe the market will change?

If I knew how to be rich, I would be because I want. I just know that building wealth is not by saving, nobody will give me something into debt so I could build something from debt, I guess money is too hard for me. At least at this point.

I keep getting these 2€ sales every month in passive, but man it’s just 2€…

I could write books but I’m not Brian Tracy or Seth Godin and man I’m not living in America.

If I could earn at least 100€ a day everyday online it would drastically change my life, but let’s accept the reality we are in.

The first thing is that I am not in America, the second thing – I’m not that smart probably. I just don’t seem to get that information…

My friend from Youtube told me that you don’t have to pay anybody to learn to make money…

If you can add something hit me up.