Writing Improvement Software

As a writer, I can tell you what I do.

Every day I wake up I sit down on my laptop and write this shit. Sometimes 30 posts a day and I schedule them a post a day.

I know that you can spend hours and hours on a single post, but it’s not worth it when your website is brand new.

On the first days of your website – you want to populate it with content people will actually enjoy.

For example me: I don’t like to read long posts about certain subjects.

I prefer short posts that are easy to consume.

My creative routine consists of creating these short articles every freaking single day.

If you want to be creative – you need to focus on quantity as well as quality.

Because in writing quantity matters. Because quantity makes you a better writer.

It’s better to write 300 posts than 2 long posts. It’s better to write 10 books of moderate length than it is to write 1 book of long text.

Because people don’t like reading.  Reading is time consuming and many people moved to audio or video, barely anyone is reading.

So if you want your text to be actually consumed, you should write short no fluff texts.

Short texts can be good despite what Google thinks.

If you want to be creative, you need to create a lot of crap before you will be valued by other people.