As an ENTJ, I noticed that many people are wandering.

I sure wandered a lot in life until I learned to disobey the authority – parents, teachers, whatever man…

As an entj I noticed that many people don’t have the sense of direction. Many people aren’t prolific. Sure you can be in a job and do things but if you have been doing the same thing for like more than 20 years – you are stuck man.

Since we people are different, some have the sense direction and some do not.

Since I’m an ENTJ which is the commander type, you’d better listen if you want to be guided somewhere.

Being stuck is a bad place, because being stuck is like having a car with no engine. And being an ENTJ is having an engine but not having the vehicle.

I can’t teach you to be an ENTJ because I didn’t choose to be ENTJ I happen to be born an ENTJ. 

If the ENTJ doesn’t have a team, he probably will be in the same place as the guy with the vehicle and no engine. Just because ENTJ do the steering and the managing, we guys to some strategic shit, I just don’t know.

Despite the fact that I’m an ENTJ and I know and sense this. I’m unemployed with no income, a bum if you will. And some websites say that ENTJ’s have the highest salary.

I feel that I don’t get something. The dots haven’t connected yet, but maybe they will connect in the future – I don’t know.

PS. Man I hustle in the middle of the night creating content for you guys. While not getting anything I still hustle… and I probably will be hustling forever just because there is nothing more to do, just to consume good stuff on the web…