Being rich and famous is the major goal of modern kids, tell me a person, who doesn’t want to be famous?

People follow you when you’re doing something good or look good.

If you’re a lazy fuck who has no looks, then I have to disappoint you – you’re probably won’t be famous.

I was famous for 15 minutes and random people started messaging me.

Being famous and known are two different things, when you famous people want to do business with you and when you’re known – people can hesitate to do business with you.

Being known is very easy. You can get known by doing youtube vlogs or by writing a blog, but that doesn’t mean you will be popular.

Social trends are unpredictable, you can spend years building an asset and then boom, suddenly you’re famous and popular and what not.

If you’re not famous yet, it doesn’t mean you can get famous through hard work.

Sudden fame won’t last if you don’t have any assets online.

Therefore you must build one.