Today I’ve read Matt’s post about Guitar Hero.

I had Xbox 360 and bought a guitar hero game and the guitar controller.

Just tuned into the game and realized man how hard it was, even when I have played 2 years with a guitar… Man I wouldn’t recommend Xbox 360 guitar hero for anyone, instead I would recommend Rocksmith

Rocksmith actually let’s you learn to play a real guitar. Playing a guitar isn’t that hard when someone guides you, doesn’t matter if it’s a game. 

What matters is the guidance.

I like playing guitar but after 2 years of playing I realized I won’t be the next lead guitarist in Metallica so I sold my guitars. Had electric and acoustic but would love to try bass guitar. I guess I’m a bass player because I love the bass.

When it comes to guitar hero, man it was harder than a real guitar, got so pissed sold my xbox so cheap with guitar controller and with all the cables and rechargeable batteries. 


Guitar Hero Sucks and it sucks good.