I wanted to leave a comment on Rita’s page but the comments are closed.

I’m into blogs for a long long time. I was into blogs before I started this blog – I had a lot of blogs. I wanted to fit in.

The attention now is on Social Media. Everybody’s trying to build their Social Media due to integrated audience. Social Media is the best way to find something you are not looking.

I quit Social Media

The problem I see with today’s blogging is that is literally commercialized, nobody talks about life, nobody does diary-like blogs and if they do – you just can’t find them because they rank low in Google.

I stumble upon some blogs and then I instantly forget them. If I stumble on a blog 8 or more times. I might remember it. 

But people instantly forget blogs and most blog information is simply irrelevant to the user.

Blogs like mine are interesting only to people who know me.

So I guess I got to know people but whatever.

If you want people to read your blog – you gotta be somewhat famous and popular. Popular is the key to having people consume your content.

And sometimes you’re just ignored by people 😐

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