7 golden rules in life

I will tell you what I learned in my life:

  1. Don’t smoke – because this shit is so addictive. I smoke 5 years already.
  2. Multiply your time by working with systems. You don’t want to speak to each person about the same thing over and over. Create a blog or vlog and talk to everybody.
  3. Have a goal. When you have a goal you can work day by day towards it and don’t fucking quit you pussy.
  4. Invest your life in gaining knowledge and becoming an expert in a field of your choice – just don’t fucking wander.
  5. Prove everybody wrong. If people don’t support you and give you negativity – fuck them, you’re better of alone.
  6. Live below your profits. It’s easier to save than earn.
  7. Make people like you and influence them. This is a biggie.

People who have goals and ambitions succeed more than those who simply wander through life and waste time.