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Day: December 22, 2018

The real reason to try as hard as you can.

I see online many articles which tell you to do this or that, none the less it’ s good that they tell you.

But the real problem here is that many of us waste time in not a productive way.

The real reason to try as hard as you can is not for your personal ambitions.

The real question here is: what if somebody comes from out there?

Somebody is a threat to your culture, to your society and friends.

The threat will be far more advanced and if we are out numbered or unprepared, we are going to lose the war.

If you are smart, you always need to ask this question: what if?

Don’t ignore the problems and don’t ignore the threats.

And do what you can to survive as a specie, if you can’t do – think, think, think.

When you are lost, you need a mentor.

I started philosophy back in the day because I knew that I can’t build something long lasting by picking apples from trees when I have no trees.

When you are lost you have to seek out mentors you like. A person who is one grade higher.

A person who is not bowing to authority, a person, who is not smoking and not drinking and etc.

You want to come to productive and creative people. People who have ambitions in life. And there really is only one ambition – your own goals first.

If you’re like me – your only goal is to do philosophy teaching. I’m not a businessman but I like business.

I can make you ambitious, I can give a lot of cool mind hacks because I do philosophy teaching.

If you are lost, you have to remember that you don’t have to pursue anything, the world is abundant and can survive without your input, your input to the reality is not necessary, but without any input there won’t be any output.

There is a choice:

Red Pill – Ping Me

Blue Pill – Stay where you are and keep looking.

Artist daily schedule

As an artist – you want to be crafting your art every single day.

The more you produce, the more you gain traction.

My daily schedule consists of few things:

  1. As an artist – sleep a lot because your creative process will drain the crap out of you.
  2. Create 10 pieces of art every single day. Because the quality doesn’t matter at this point, what matters is honing your creative thinking.
  3. Stick to the schedule.
  4. Create a vlog channel and talk some crap to it. What you’ll learn after 100 videos is that your ability to speak in front of the camera will improve.
  5. Write, write, write, if you’re not a painter.
  6. Make a podcast, because at this point you want to be talking as much as you can due to fact that podcasts can be a great intellectual asset.
  7. Build assets
  8. Work with systems.
  9. Profit?

As a creative guy you want to spend your time creating shit somebody will admire. And it takes a really long time to build your tribe and get money from your art.

Enjoy the process.

Artist life is fucking hard work which is full of misery and disappointment.

Choose carefully.

You don’t want things easy and quick.

If I will get many views instantly, the views will fade – everybody can do something easy just because it’s easy.

If it’s easy we all can do it.

Everybody is a blogger these days, everybody has tips and shit. But the problem is that most blogs suck just because they are doing the same fucking thing.

I started a blog because there wasn’t my blog with my ideas and not how to masturbate guides. Most blogs are for stupid people – let it be.

My blog is for smart people who are one grade lower than me.

I was thinking for years to get this knowledge I’m sharing. Knowledge you gain quick is worthless because people who have the same knowledge compete with each other. Instead of helping each other to do something great.

I don’t compete with people. I collaborate or at least try. I don’t like competing because there will be always people who do things better than me.

But there won’t be people who do my thing. Nobody does my thing and I don’t have competition I am a monopolist.

If it takes years to gain this knowledge, this means it is worth the time to learn or the cash to buy.

Everybody who is doing the easy thing will be blasted out when times get rough.

Everybody who is doing quick, what’s after the quick is done – what’s the next move? Life is a move game – you have to do ninja moves.

If you want to do just one move – it’s quick. Move a finger. What’s next? Move another finger and you do moves until you die.

If you want a quick move just slice your throat and you’re done with everything. Why bother?

Why bother living if you don’t like your life?

If you don’t like your life, you don’t have to think about the cosmos, you have to think about the moves which can make your life better.

A person who was working for years and haven’t accumulated any wealth and is old, he has no time, he has no future but the least a man can do before he dies is to leave a memoir about things that were good moves and things that were bad moves, so the youth can learn from the old, misfortuned, disabled, because we are all people.

We all have to cowork to survive. But if nobody’s going to tell me how to think, how to do things – I will never understand it alone. If nobody comes – I seek, I search.

If you work and invest your money into low life products: alcohol, smokes, other stuff that sucks your health and money – you won’t accumulate wealth. To accumulate wealth you have to buy the high life things: time and assets, vitamins, good nutrition.

People here in Lithuania sell their hour of life for 3€.

With this price, your life is worth 2306880€ if you live for 90 years.

Every body is a millionaire… Some people just don’t get it no matter how many times you tell them…

I write this blog post because it’s my asset and it presents me to the world and maybe someday somebody will ping me with a deal.

Missed ping.

Yesterday I went to my grandmother and the matrix pinged me with “do you want lottery tickets?”

I pinged back: “is it free?”

She said the prize is free but the lottery does cost.

I had cash, but I went home and tried to go to bed and then a thought stumbled – if reality is pinging me, something wants to be given to me, right?

The only way to get a lottery and win at it is to get pinged by something.

Ping is a way of reality connecting to you, like a bot or npc in a game when he wants to give you a mission or an opportunity.

Knowledge, product, people.

If you’re like me – you been thinking a lot and I mean a lot.

To sell something, we have to create something or to pick up, or to grow, or to build – it does not matter what you can do as long as there are people who want our stuff.

If people want our stuff, we have to pack it perfectly.

Even when I’m selling shit or philosophy – I have to do the packaging and the shipping.

What’s the difference between expensive shit and cheap shit, when it’s the same shit? It’s a skin – a package – a story – a belief and a “religion” to some people.

I’ve been giving away information for free for years and people don’t want it.

Today people don’t want even free unless it’s packed with a good skin.

People would rather take garbage which is packed beautifully and not take valuable information which is without a skin.

You see, when you look for pranks – the system gives you more pranks and all you have in your head are pranks.

I look for philosophy, to build my foundation as a philosopher, as a thought leader – to lead the thought. My riches are invisible to the eye, they are visible only to the mind.

The abundant world and you, what’s the relation?

Since the beginning I knew that world has all the specialists all the guys and girls who do dentistry, philosophy, just name it. There are people who are doing everything and we are getting smarter and not dumber.

But since the beginning of the TV, people stuck to the screen and it’s all fine if you want to watch a girl suck on someone else’s dick and not yours.

The computer is more like with input, input which lets other people to watch you do stuff. You can put the dick on computer with your phone or laptop, let other people watch if they want. With TV you had to be submissive to the information.

The world is full of information, porn and everything.

Your duty is to wake the fuck up and figure out why you have a bad life, a life you don’t want to live, but you have to live.

The problem with philosophy is that people who live in the barrel don’t think why they live in the barrel but instead think about the cosmos, the universe.

People who think irrelevant things, get nothing.

The solution to your problem has to be in some point – relevant.

If you can reach people – reach to them because everybody is waiting for some sort a beneficial deal, people are literally waiting for you to call them.

Your dreams are just a person away. Call a guy with many millions and offer a one million deal, but to do that you have to actually do something really great.

Currently I haven’t done this, but someday I might.

Think things that are relevant to your current situation.

If you have only a pc – use a pc to gain knowledge, reachout to people.

Ping ping ping.

You won’t be poor if you…

Are brave to offer somebody something for something in return.

If you are generous to give things: free wifi in your coffee shop, laptop plugs on your tables. If you have a physical place where people rave and lurk – you want to make a place where it is awesome to be in and lurk, work, socialize.

If you are smart – when you are a smart sculptor like I am, you can see the invisible and really sculpt it and bring it into the reality.

The Giver is never poor

Vygintas Varnas

There are times when things just start, you don’t have to force start them.

I’ve been giving information for years – take it, it’s free.

If you want individual consultation or help solving philosophical questions.

Ping Me

If you won’t feel special and exceptional

I don’t want to give you fluff, okay?

A person who does not see something unique and special and exceptional within himself and instead he is looking for something exceptional in the world, he won’t find nothing because he himself is exceptional.

The world is full of abundance.

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