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Day: December 21, 2018


If you want something from life, if you see it out there and you want it on your bed or room or castle or wherever.

You got to keep pinging people by foot, by car, by phone, by email – just keep pinging people until you get a ping back.

If you got a ping back – somebody is interested in your deal.

Just ping, ping, ping because every successful person is just ping away.

Ping me, if you want something.

Your assumptions must be false.

The world is abundant. You see millionaires here and there. They are everywhere but they are not your friends – why?

Because you have the different mentality.

If I don’t drink beer and smoke – I’m not interested in smokers and drinkers because my mentality is different.

Most people don’t think and most people’s behavior and response is based on emotion. Sure we all have emotions, but ENTJs have less of them.

If you see people living a different reality. I don’t know who you admire – maybe you admire rebels, maybe you admire philosophers, maybe you admire frogs – I don’t know, but I bet your admire freedom.

I always been an admirer of freedom because freedom is rare. Many people are stuck in a rut. And I’m stuck in doing fun things for myself. I quit smoking and drinking – man life is beautiful again, but not to scam you – I will tell that I’m doing kindof not so cool with cash. I’m still figuring things out, but I have a lot of chewed up information for people, who want to free their mind, because you will never afford to free your world with the mind which is not free.

I’ve been spending hundreds if not thousands to find something that works, haven’t found anything yet. But I will figure out someday. I just like writing, learning and trying things out. You don’t want to give up on your first try to quit smoking, you want to keep trying until you break free from smoking or whatever it is you are stuck with.

If you are living not the life you want – you have to question your knowledge and perceptions because the world is abundant.

There is enough of everything, if you want to scratch your ass all day – you can do that as long as you breathe air, drink water and make a shit.

Before you can attract abundance in your life – you have to get the necessities and only when you have what is necessary – you will have abundance.

Don’t do gambling with your money and don’t do gambling with your life. Money is worthless if you have no life with a working body, money won’t make you sad money will open your physical world but you have to think how to open your mind if you have the money.

Free your mind, free your world.

Before we can free our world, we must free our mind. Free our mind of stereotypes, assumptions of other people because nobody has the time to think about us.

I don’t think about you, but if you have something to offer me I might be interested.

We don’t want to rebuild the world because it requires a big amount of energy and will be barely shifting to your side.

Instead we must free our mind because our mind is not free. Meaning that if you have been working for others for years and have nothing in your bank, where do you spend your money?

I don’t have money because I never worked, so for a person not to have money who is not working is normal, but for a person who wants to live good now and not later in life, well you know – something must be wrong with your perceptions.

In previous post I wrote about abundance. The world is really abundant and something is really out there for you to take.

If you don’t have something must be wrong in your perceptions and the way you view the world. And your duty is to figure out what it is.

My mind is free, I have lost my mind, but now I want to free my world and get access to everything I desire. I am laser-focussed person.

I always pursued fun and I have fun. I am always figuring out things. Because figuring things is fun. I can do whatever I want because the world is abundant.

Look around you, what do you see? If you will look closely – you will see the matrix full of people, people doing something to survive. How can you help them survive? How can you create win:win situations in a world where everybody is a scammer? By being truthful.

Remember that most people don’t think. And if you think and try to understand what you are told – you have a big deal of advantage.

Free your mind, free your world.

The Abundance Mentality.

When thinking about the world, what do you think?

Is the world:

  • Scarce?
  • Abundant?

Think about it for a moment.

I mean really think about it, not just use your emotions.

If the world is Scarce, why the human population is growing?

One needs to understand that the world is abundant, because the world is self-sustained, which means that one can choose what to do in his life based on his wants and not other people needs.

In the world there’s enough of everything but not enough of yours stuff.

If you see someone driving a yacht, you know the yachts are there in the world.

When the world is abundant, your duty is to think how to take that abundance and integrate it in your life.

The “locked” mind can’t open the “locked” world. Nothing is really locked.

Creative motivation

As a writer, I can tell you what I do.

Every day I wake up I sit down on my laptop and write this shit. Sometimes 30 posts a day and I schedule them a post a day.

I know that you can spend hours and hours on a single post, but it’s not worth it when your website is brand new.

On the first days of your website – you want to populate it with content people will actually enjoy.

For example me: I don’t like to read long posts about certain subjects.

I prefer short posts that are easy to consume.

My creative routine consists of creating these short articles every freaking single day.

If you want to be creative – you need to focus on quantity as well as quality.

Because in writing quantity matters. Because quantity makes you a better writer.

It’s better to write 300 posts than 2 long posts. It’s better to write 10 books of moderate length than it is to write 1 book of long text.

Because people don’t like reading.  Reading is time consuming and many people moved to audio or video, barely anyone is reading.

So if you want your text to be actually consumed, you should write short no fluff texts.

Short texts can be good despite what Google thinks.

If you want to be creative, you need to create a lot of crap before you will be valued by other people.

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