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Day: December 20, 2018

Ask yourself: if you are so awesome – why the hell do you need someone to lead you?

This post is just a ping to remind you to ask yourself the real questions and not the fluff and bullshit.

As an ENTJ, I noticed that many people are wandering.

I sure wandered a lot in life until I learned to disobey the authority – parents, teachers, whatever man…

As an entj I noticed that many people don’t have the sense of direction. Many people aren’t prolific. Sure you can be in a job and do things but if you have been doing the same thing for like more than 20 years – you are stuck man.

Since we people are different, some have the sense direction and some do not.

Since I’m an ENTJ which is the commander type, you’d better listen if you want to be guided somewhere.

Being stuck is a bad place, because being stuck is like having a car with no engine. And being an ENTJ is having an engine but not having the vehicle.

I can’t teach you to be an ENTJ because I didn’t choose to be ENTJ I happen to be born an ENTJ. 

If the ENTJ doesn’t have a team, he probably will be in the same place as the guy with the vehicle and no engine. Just because ENTJ do the steering and the managing, we guys to some strategic shit, I just don’t know.

Despite the fact that I’m an ENTJ and I know and sense this. I’m unemployed with no income, a bum if you will. And some websites say that ENTJ’s have the highest salary.

I feel that I don’t get something. The dots haven’t connected yet, but maybe they will connect in the future – I don’t know.

PS. Man I hustle in the middle of the night creating content for you guys. While not getting anything I still hustle… and I probably will be hustling forever just because there is nothing more to do, just to consume good stuff on the web… 

How not to waste time

Okay, there are a lot of time wasters in life.

If you really want to make it in life – you have to pick a field where you will learn everything in it.

Time wasting is something that doesn’t make you money.

Everything you spend time doing makes you in the end.

I know from my experience, if you’re a content writer – you want to spend your time creating content for your blog or vlog channel.

The thing is – you need to decide, if you want to have a life or you want to invest your life in becoming an expert in any field.

Since the begging I decided that I will be a writer. So to become a really good writer I have to write my ass off.

I spend my time building my intellectual assets. Just because living without money sucks and in general outside is boring. I don’t admire being outside without money.

I don’t want to go outside and wander without money, if I go outside – I sure know I will be buying some crap I don’t need, but it makes me feel good.

In a sense, you want to spend your time creating something. It can be anything.

If you’re a no lifer, you don’t want to spend time gaming unless you’re becoming an expert in a game. You don’t want to spend time consuming shit from other people, instead you want to create your own shit so that other folks would consume it.

Don’t watch stupid videos online, instead watch something that expands your knowledge in any field you might choose.

Work with systems and try to make a system which saves your time, because in the end time is what you have got and time is a great asset.

I never sold my time, well maybe for 3 months and I didn’t like it. Then I choose to invest my time in becoming a philosopher and since philosophy is something you have to write about, then I realized – I need to become a good writer, to get some admiration from people. Sure I make mistakes here and there, but whatever.

Don’t be afraid to be in business. Don’t be afraid to fail, the more you fail the better.

Don’t let people talk you down from any of your ideas and don’t let people tell you that the job you created yourself is useless.

I believe in my job and it makes very much sense in creating a blog and building my tribe, because I know I can make some bank.

In the end you have to be obsessed with some habit then you will be very successful.

It may be lifting weights, or driving a racing car – you choose what you want to do with your life.

Let’s admit, many people don’t do anything, they wait for the perfect circumstances, but from my experience I can tell you – that perfect circumstances just don’t come 🙁

Don’t learn business as your main skill foundation.

Since I was a kid, I wanted to do business, because you know – when you do business the business works and you, well, don’t.

I read books on business and on money and now I know how to do business, but…

But the problem is that business is my first foundation…. back in the day I was good at sales. I selled real stuff to real people – pirated game dvd’s, fixed computers, did some snow shovelling, but at some point I started selling the invisible… to people I actually don’t see – to people like you…

I don’t want to say you shouldn’t learn business at all, I just want to tell that business should be your second occupation, just because the first thing you will learn is the thing you will be selling.

I been doing philosophy as my “main” thing and you know, philosophy is formless which means that you can’t take philosophy into your hand as you can take ice cream.

When business is your first skill, what will you sell if you only have business on your skill set? What will you sell? What will you market? Business? Will you teach business while doing business on business?

If I would somehow increase my income per day or per month only then I could teach business. Now my income doesn’t come from sales, it comes from disability dole and I am thinking how can I invest(?) my money to make more money.

I invested in a blog because all people have a blog, at least all who a prolific and successful.

I just can’t understand why people give me money for free and don’t let me earn that money?

Vygintas Varnas

If I would earn this money I would be happier, I would have more status but if people give it me for free, I look as a cheater who gets money with cheats.

I want to do some good prolific work. I write a book – nobody needs it, I write a post – mostly nobody reads it and after being in “business” or at least trying to be in business in real world I fail and fail.

I know I could do some stats analysis, because I’m a stat freak but nobody gives me this kind of stuff to do and since I was a kid I tried to do my own shit but nothing gave, nothing gave until today. I had some ups but then it instantly went down. I tried in lithuanian language for years and nothing really worked. I just can’t understand why… no wealthy person will tell me what I am doing wrong.

I could buy a costume or a better camera or better audio but that’s not the point I guess. I don’t know, one person who does youtube told me that I must work harder…. but I give a lot of value to the world but it’s not made in a quality way.

Yesterday I did 3 hours of philosophy.

I guess nothing is really ever good enough.

Robbie Williams & Vygintas Varnas

I actually did good things back in the day but the market changed and I have now a lot of knowledge in useless skills, man… Sure I can learn something new now but it takes years to master something and who knows, maybe the market will change?

If I knew how to be rich, I would be because I want. I just know that building wealth is not by saving, nobody will give me something into debt so I could build something from debt, I guess money is too hard for me. At least at this point.

I keep getting these 2€ sales every month in passive, but man it’s just 2€…

I could write books but I’m not Brian Tracy or Seth Godin and man I’m not living in America.

If I could earn at least 100€ a day everyday online it would drastically change my life, but let’s accept the reality we are in.

The first thing is that I am not in America, the second thing – I’m not that smart probably. I just don’t seem to get that information…

My friend from Youtube told me that you don’t have to pay anybody to learn to make money…

If you can add something hit me up.

The problem with the web is that it’s totally vague.

I’ve been online half of my life, now, at this moment I am 30 years old.

The web offers a great deal of information, but…

but if people are selling information, what are they giving away for free?

Most information on the web is so vague, that you have  to scavenge in the piles of crap.

I know there are long articles that actually don’t teach you anything or the very basics, which is not something I am searching.

I read thousands of posts on how to make money blogging and I realized that the only blogs that make money online are the blogs that teach you to make money online.

If one is starting a blog on ripping apart toilet paper, will he earn money with his blog? That’s really the main question in this vague world.

In the market there are a lot of people – everybody is looking for something on the web. Some are working, some are consuming.

And here you can go two ways: to create shit that is already created or to create something unique to you, like matrix hacks are unique to me.

I have a problem, I can’t increase my income online no matter what I do.

I realized that if society does not see you as worthy of their time or money – you will have a hard time selling something and gaining views.

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