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Day: December 17, 2018

Deep music for deep peopleino.

How to win at life?

Many people want to win at life.

Many people strive for it because let’s admit – if you’re poor, lazy and doing nothing, nobody will respect you and will tell you that you suck.

Life is very competitive.

I know I wasted many years by not doing anything and people didn’t respect me at all.

Sure I made some money online here and there, but you know – there’s never enough of money.

I’m not rich, but I’m trying to live on my own terms.

If one wants to win at life, he should have a goal, a vision which he then builds up day by day.

It’s easy to get lost in life. Everybody I know here in Lithuania is drinking or making a quick buck, they’re far away from winning at life.

If one wants to win at life, he must work with systems which do the work for them.

A website is a good system, Youtube is a good system, because it does the work.

This post will generate some traffic for years to come.

Systems like blogs or vlogs, you have to build them at first, then they end up generating views, which in the end expand your social circle.

When your social circle expands enough, you then get more opportunities.

But it ain’t easy.

I’m 30 years, I was insane 3 times and 16 times in mental house. I have words running through my mind all the time. Sometimes they run in English, Sometimes in Lithuanian, Sometimes in Russian. But I smoked half of my life – quit smoking 2018.11.11 and bought a guitar after 7 years. I was doing philosophy 4 years into youtube and now I sing man!!!!!! my dream has come true I’m a singer and I create songs in 3 minutes!!!!!! Music is primitive but the vocal will blast the socks out of you!!! In Lithuanian, you can check it out on my youtube if you want.I’ve been drinking half of my life and now I’m an underground star.I want to lower the level of music and give people an example that you don’t need to be super awesome musician to sing and play guitar. My music is arrhythmic, my song are about kebabs, pizzas,alkohol, bitches, cigaretes.My advice man is FUCK THE AUDIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I been writing books, blogs – whatever man.My dream is to create primitive songs on stage with no practice… I create songs in 3 minutes. I want to be the king of lithuanian word improvisation… idk if it’s possible.I’ve been listening music most of my life, but never heard a guy play a song about a kebab with primitive arhythmic ‘beat’.

Some people don’t listen to words.

It’s very dangerous to talk to people who don’t listen to you.

Some people only hear words yet they fail to listen to them.

This is a huge  problem and I told many, many, many times that people don’t understand each other. Some people are so disconnected from each other but I guess it’s made that way by ‘higher’ entities because you know we live in the matrix. Plato knew it and you must know it.

Don’t talk to people who don’t want to listen.

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