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Day: December 15, 2018

How I stopped smoking and you can too.

I’m born 1988 and smoked since eight or tenth grade. I know for sure that I smoked in eleventh grade. I was a social smoker back then I didn’t smoke regularly.

At some point I enjoyed smoking because I was not addicted. I was thinking why worry about those cigarettes when I just smoke when everybody else does it. All I cared was to be social.

Smoking cigarettes and drinking beer was bonding with people, socializing. It felt good but I was so stupid to actually do what other not so smart people were doing.

Doesn’t matter if you agree with me or no but you have to accept that self destructive behavior is not smart. Not smart at all.

I write this short text to inspire you and give you hope that quitting is possible and it is for you but it may come when you are ready and when you are ready you will quit without will, force and withdrawal. There is a magical day. I smoked for 6 years regularly the strongest tobacco I could find. It was phillip morris cigarillos. I’m now 30 so 6 years of regular smoking and irregular smoking since 11 grade so it’s what – half of my life? I’m bad at math.

I followed thousands of books and courses. I tried to quit by force and it never worked, few hours later and I’m smoking that shit again.

I know you know that your lungs will melt. I know you might think it’s impossible but if it was impossible I would not have done it myself. But I didn’t use force or will or whatever people are saying.

I knew that there are these ‘magical days’ where your body is so fed up with tobacco that it does not want that crap anymore. I knew because people like me are writing and talking.

But you have to know one thing. And this is very important. I’m not a fluff writer.

How do you know when the magical day has come? It’s pretty simple – every time you get a thought that you want to quit smoking – instantly get rid of all your smokes and cigs or whatever you’re smoking. Just don’t have them at hand. If the need for smoking comes back – take a smoke, don’t force yourself and don’t beat yourself – you are going to die anyway. You sure don’t want to die healthy.

I thought quitting smoking is impossible for me. I knew other people can do it, but you know other people can go to the moon or be rich or do something cool and I knew I’m really not good I had no will, I’m lazy and fat, no motivation no nothing and I thought if I can quit smoking – I can do anything in life if I really want to.

The addiction is purely mental, there is no pain in addiction, there’s just that fake hunger and fake hunger you know can feel bad.

When I was not ready to quit I felt that pain and man it sucked.

But I followed this one simple rule – everytime I wanted to quit – I got rid of smokes because if you won’t get rid of smokes you might miss the magical day. The magical day is the day you will quit effortlessly. This is possible.

I see people who have tried to quit just 4 times and thought it was impossible but man they are approaching it wrong. You have to try until you break free. Be persistent and if you’ll relapse after just one hour man that’s fine – you have tried. Try for another hour or two or as long as you can do. Try, try, try – you don’t need any NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy or any shit that has NICOTINE) because you want to break free from nicotine. Don’t believe me? That you smoke because of nicotine and not the smoke itself? Try smoking tea… it gets you high, feels like shit but does not give you addiction but as far as I know it gives cancer.

Many people smoke because they have this belief they can’t quit smoking.

I asked this guy at the mental house. He was my nurse. I ask him do you want to quit smoking? He told me no. I said why? He said because I know I won’t succeed. You see, he’s predetermined to failure and he’ll probably will smoke himself to death. You will too if you will be predetermined to failure.

Ask yourself – maybe this time? Maybe this time? Or maybe this time?

Don’t say I will quit smoking after this pack or just one – every time you get this thought about quitting throw out your cigs – don’t count the cash because your health is way more important.

When you’re around people who smoke. Don’t go to smoke with them just wait 1 or 2 minutes and they will come back stinking like pile of trash. It’s just 2 minutes and they are back with you again and they envy you – don’t envy the self destructive behavior.

Also stop drinking before you quit smoking. Because you will regret the shit you will do while drunk.

Eat sugar and a lot of it. Apples, fruits on your quit day and don’t drink 10 cups of coffee like I did and then wondered why does my heart go nuts.

I didn’t use force to quit and my moms best friend quit with no force – she said the same, no pain, no withdrawal and no nothing. You’re free from day 1. Read other folks who quit – did they feel this impossible withdrawal? No because if they had – they would not be able to quit by force…

To successfully quit – some day, when you are READY. You have to disassociate yourself from the body. If the body wants to smoke – let the body smoke. Because the mind does not want to smoke, right? It’s the body smoking and doing his own thing. The body is going to uninstal from the matrix/reality anyway.

To successfully quit smoking you have to appreciate life. YOUR LIFE. If you don’t appreciate your life – why quit smoking? What’s the point if you don’t like yourself

They call it the nicotine trap – because you can escape it or die in it.

When a rabbit or a bear steps into a trap, he struggles as much as he can to escape the trap, some even lose their leg just to escape.

Never give up on quitting. Maybe it’s not this hour, maybe not the second – you are gaining a lot, you lose nothing. Go to whyquit.com website by Joel and read about what causes the addiction it’s free. You got to understand what is going in the brain on the chemical level. Your dopamine receptor is simply hijacked.

Quitting when you’re not ready is impossible, but when you are ready it’s easy.

You’ll stop coughing, your teeth will be whiter – man you will have lungs which will breath air.

I probably threw out 400 packs of cigarettes near full. That’s 2€x400 = 800€, my 4 months ‘salary’ my mom even said me – I pay money for cigs and you throw them out? Why?

And when I quit smoking – she understood why… and she’s proud of me, everybody’s proud. Don’t listen to smokers who want to drag you down saying 3 days non smoker? Pff, tell me when it’s a year. Then they say 1 month non smoker? Pff tell me when it’s two years. And they just keep testing you and want you to break just so you were in the same misery as they are.

Don’t listen to smokers if you want to quit. Listen to non-smokers or ex-smokers who managed to quit successfully.

I know if you saw your lungs now – you would be scared as shit because let’s admit – lungs are very required organ in the body – no lungs – no air – as russians say – kaput.

Don’t be greedy and don’t store cigs, admit you’re addicted and we both know you will quit when the time is ready. Just don’t be a guy who tried to quit smoking 4 times and then stopped trying because you know what, maybe the 5 time is the lucky one, if not 5 then 6th? Or 7th? 8th? 9th?

I hope you get the point.

The nicotine trap will teach you two things: thing number one is that you can get a cig when you want it and you will do anything to get it and the other thing is, the cigs will be all around us, they won’t disappear from the market so we will have to rethink our wanting strategy because it’s easy to relapse because nobody is holding you from relapse. Keep relapsing until you quit.

When you’ll be free from day one from smoking and you’ll pass the 14 day mark you are totally free because your dopamine pathway in your brain is restored, this is what Joel says.

Of course you can disbelieve me and say that there is no easy way to quit but man – if it wasn’t I would not quit because I’m a total loser in life. My challenge now is not to step in the same trap again because I have mental illness and it is really hard to control my behavior but if I can do it with mental illness and all these drugs that fuck up my dopamine pathway, you can do it too – if you are healthy.

I bet quitting after NRT when you’re just on 1mg nicotine is the same as quitting when you’re on 22mg nicotine per day.

But if you can’t quit smoking then go use an NRT path because it’s healthier than a cig.

When you’re going to go to a smoke be mindful about the feeling when you smoke – is it nice to smoke or does it taste like shit?

By the way, don’t buy tasty cigs buy the cheapest crap cigs, why pay more for the coffin?

Everyone told me I will be drinking and smoking for the rest of my life but even after my first month I could by myself a huge teddy bear and a guitar – keep rewarding yourself for every not smoked cig because rewards give dopamine.

When I first started my non smoker life I wrote 1 letter a day in my journal and after 7 days there was a russian word ‘maladec’, which means ‘coolguy’ and I then kept repeating the same word until I did not need any reward.

If you relapse – you delete all the written words and start again from nothing and you’ll realize how disappointing it is to lose progress.

Many people don’t give themselves presents, don’t have a motivational system, don’t track their progress. You want a sense of achievement and I noticed that manual letter writing is the best.

If you want to get rewards by hours that’s fine pick a 24 letter word and repeat it every day when you do progress and reset if you relapse, don’t focus on the looooooooooooooooong years to come without smoking. Focus on one hour, one day, on something more achievable and long years are achievable but if you can’t not smoke for 1 hour – you can’t do long years just that simple.

Theory behind not smoking is really easy – not a puff. Don’t put it in your mouth, don’t light it up if you have to put it in your mouth, everytime someone offers you a cig take it and rip it apart if you want or don’t take it.

I know you can do it because it is possible. I’ve did it and I’m the biggest loser on the planet.

The world is full of abundance

If you’re not living in 3rd world countries like Lithuania, even if you live in 3rd world country and you have the web – you can be making money via the web.

Many people do it.

And many people don’t do it.

Sure when people do the same exact thing it’s harder, but then again, every person wants to belong in a tribe, if I made money with my lame Youtube vlogs, so I can say anybody who does tribe building and community building can make money online.

Essentially it’s the matter of marketing, if you believe you have something to offer you should be online.

You want to suck cash from America, because America has a lot of money.

Even if you’re living in a 3rd country – your expenses are way cheaper than of a typical american household.

If a typical american salary is $51,939 it’s a great number, because here in Lithuania typical worker earns just 400€ per month, so it’s just 4800€ per year. Can you imagine how crazy it is?

Typical American earns x10 than a typical Lithuanian guy.

The more money people have, the more they can spend.

So essentially a blogger has to lure out that money. Sure sounds evil, but you have to sell something if you want to survive. And American people want even more money, they have this American dream.

Living in Lithuania is really extreme.  If I could earn 400€ from my blog later in life, I could be living a decent life.

I always wanted more out of my life, but hesitated for years to start, but now I’m ready. I’ll show everything if I’m successful, so don’t forget to subscribe or leave a comment.

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