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Day: December 14, 2018

Google, this is nonsense.

How much stupider can it get?

This man is stupid.

This is a screenshot of Google Chrome OS Version 70.0.3538.110.

And this stuff is so stupid, wtf I need so much folders and places, please build a normal file manager because this shit is stupid.

Feeling resistance is absolutely normal

I’ve been online for 6-10 years, only couple years I decided to build my online assets.

I can admit – this shit resists so hard.

If everything was easy, I would be so weak.

It makes sense to do the hard things, because most people won’t – I know from my own experience that many people choose the way of least resistance.

Sure I don’t know if my blog will skyrocket, but at least I’m trying.

Being a big deal in life is really hard, especially when you have nothing to offer.

Every person is born naked, but if other people can build online businesses with thousands of dollars per month, so it’s kind of a competitive niche.

Since I was little I wanted to build an online empire, sure my content is not the best content out there and when I see posts on medium.com I always get mind blown – how the fuck people do it?

I’ve been gathering knowledge all my life and yet, it seems like it’s never enough.

Medium.com has the best writers of the planet – you don’t want to build your platform on medium.com – you really don’t want to compete with the best of the best.

But then again, if you won’t – who will?

I wrote some posts that went semi viral, but I ended up deleting them because medium.com paid me nothing while I earned them some cash.

So the advice I can give you – build your empire on your own website, don’t waste time building on someone else’s platform, because they can ban you without notice.

For years I built my tribe on Facebook and then they started to ban me, after 3 months of ban I decided to delete my Facebook account and moved to discord where I can chat with all the people.

Big companies have no mercy for the small players, Google won’t make you a billionaire. They don’t care about you.

Being at top of Google SERP is really hard, because the industry is so competitive.

But then again, competition is good for you. When people compete – this means there’s money. You don’t want to be in niches which have no competition.

All this online business is really hard, because every dude is online today.

Some people can make decent bank online while others struggle like crazy.

You know if everyone is doing the same exact thing – it will be freaking hard to win the competition and here I’m talking about the best writers like Neil Patel and other huge players in the industry.

And these players are here for years and will be for years to come.

But I don’t want to make you discouraged, you will feel the resistance every time you publish a post or make a vlog.

Garyvee whined that building a content empire is really hard and he was there for 14 years or more, Seth Godin build his brand in 10 years while Elliott Hulse built his Youtube in 5 years.

If these huge guys struggled for years, so it kind of makes sense that everything will resist you and your efforts…

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