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Day: December 13, 2018

What items to buy?

When having money, even the smallest amount, one has a choice to spend it on consumables or on experiences or on things that extend one’s possibility.

There can be a lot of things to buy but in sense one needs a camera and a blog if he wants to extend his reach.

A musical instrument to stimulate both sides of the brain because when playing a musical instrument – you use both hands asymmetrically and this is good for you.

In sense one must keep in mind that there are things which destroy you and make your life more miserable and there are things that build you up.

Please, choose things that build you up.

Your Roadrunner.


For Coyote – Roadrunner is ever lasting achievement pursuing.

For Roadrunner – Coyote is something good and the roadrunner always raises the standard.

These characters illustrate that we all co-exist.

I can elaborate that if you want in the comment section.

All kids want to be rich and famous

Being rich and famous is the major goal of modern kids, tell me a person, who doesn’t want to be famous?

People follow you when you’re doing something good or look good.

If you’re a lazy fuck who has no looks, then I have to disappoint you – you’re probably won’t be famous.

I was famous for 15 minutes and random people started messaging me.

Being famous and known are two different things, when you famous people want to do business with you and when you’re known – people can hesitate to do business with you.

Being known is very easy. You can get known by doing youtube vlogs or by writing a blog, but that doesn’t mean you will be popular.

Social trends are unpredictable, you can spend years building an asset and then boom, suddenly you’re famous and popular and what not.

If you’re not famous yet, it doesn’t mean you can get famous through hard work.

Sudden fame won’t last if you don’t have any assets online.

Therefore you must build one.

Month without smoking

I can tell one thing. If you quit smoking – you can do anything in life.

Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I have done in my life.

After one month of non smoking I bought a guitar for myself.

Guitar infinity.
Cost 65€

This will be my third guitar, two I have sold before and I’m now waiting until it arrives, bought it yesterday.

When quitting smoking you have to give your self cool stuff. Also I quit drinking. Month sober.

I was not addicted to alcohol, tough. But I was addicted to smoking.

I’m addicted to sugar, to coffee and I’m lazy and fat, but I might change it.

Changing one’s lifestyle is really hard because the change has to permanent. It’s easy to change lifestyle for one day but making the lifestyle change to stick is like really hard.

But hard things are worth doing because it builds character – I have to admit, all of my life I was looking for an easy way but when you do easy things, man everybody can do an easy thing.

Starting smoking is easy, quitting is hard. Starting drinking is easy, quitting is hard.

If you have a social circle, like I used to have, and you drink in that circle then it’s better to be alone than being in that social circle which is toxic.

I’m not saying anything bad about toxic people but self destructive behavior attracts other people who are self destructive.

And before making a change and going to the gym, you’d better quit smoking, quit drinking – because this is the fundamental step, you don’t want a muscular body which is rotten in the inside, do you?

Sleeping all day long is easy, that’s why I do it. But I always keep thinking about changing it. Consuming is easy, producing is hard.

Life isn’t going to change by itself or maybe it will – who knows.

If people asked me for advice, I would say don’t smoke for a day and repeat that day for until you’re old. When the right day comes quitting smoking is going to happen by itself but when it happens you’ll have to guide yourself not to fall in the same trap again. 

Over my years of living in this matrix, I realized it’s hard to unlearn and undo and unthink the stuff you already know – unknowing is hard but it’s not impossible.

For people who never smoked I would say – don’t start and you won’t have any problems. Quitting smoking builds character – I can tell it for sure.

My previous posts on smoking – here and here.

Have a good life. Čiao

Like everybody else.

If you found my blog, this means you’re like everybody else.

When I was born, I tought I have some special abilities and am superior to the rest of people but living for 30 years I have to admit that I’m no better than my neighbor and other people around me.

I read get rich books and they didn’t make me rich.

I was actually looking at what I can do to get better and whatnot and have accepted that I’m just a regular average man who is not smarter and not dumber than everybody around me.

I have my limitations thus I’m not limitless and don’t want to tell people any fluff that you must try hard and you’ll be the best. It doesn’t work that way. One has to have talents and inner drive to be somewhat superior to others.

There are people who are stupid, there are people who are smart, there are people who are strong and weak, ill and healthy. 

No man can up with certain ‘rules’ that are definitive to all people and to all countries and all circumstances.

But as far as I know the life one is living has a certain scenario by which all things follow. The life you are living right now is not fake, it’s the truest there can be – because it’s yours. Things just happen and you can’t change what is happening if you aren’t willing to change your behavior but then again if you want to be rich – you have to sell something but most likely you can’t produce good stuff.

Most people are smarter than me thus they can produce whilst I can’t.

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