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Day: December 7, 2018

Unproductive Effort

Creating something good for the web is a tough thing.

Don’t let those ‘have my life’ bloggers give you the ‘dream’.

If making it online is so easy and there’s so many money around, money people are literally throwing away, then why are we poor?

People are giving away money. – wrong.

I’ve been doing things online, trying to create a non-job for many years and I have failed. I always seek for new ‘ventures’ if you will.

You see, you can market stuff as much as you want but if the stuff is bad – nobody’s going to talk about it and nobody’s going to buy it. Advertising is expensive. I’ve tried it and it didn’t work out for me.

If people aren’t talking about you and your ideas – you most likely suck.

This is Seth Godin

His ideas spread. I just don’t know why but I just keep mentioning him all the time. But you know he’s rich and successful, people really like him and I have no doubts that he likes people.

Anyway, you can spend years creating something worthwhile and yet, nothing magical will ever happen.

There are people who like other people and there are people who are like me – they are not liked by the people.

If people don’t like you – you can’t make people like you, you can’t force people to like you and when people don’t like you – you dislike people.

When we talk about effort, I’ve been doing a lot of counterproductive effort.

I keep producing and producing, but my stuff just doesn’t work.

I guess some ideas and some people will have trouble in the ‘work’ section of life because let’s admit it – doing things you love and like is way better than doing something you hate.

As I said before, somewhere, I pursue fun. But fun ≠ money.

When I started creating ‘my empire’ if you will, I had this dream where I earn so much money that I can travel the world and work from anywhere I want.

It’s a fair dream and I keep pursuing it because really – I would love to break free but when I started actually doing it – I realized how hard it is.

It’s a real challenge and it’s worth doing because that life is worth living.

But after 6 years, I’m in the same boat as I was before – things didn’t move at all, that’s how hard it is because everybody’s doing it.

The competition is really hard. Most people would have quit already. But I keep doing and doing and maybe it will work out – I don’t know.

Your life depends on many factors and it’s a complex thing

Many people believe they are in control of their lives – sure in some point it’s true, if you weren’t born a cripple.

There are many factors, like your intelligence, your strength and your overall health condition.

It’s easy to say that you can do anything, if you were born with the right circumstances.

With the right circumstances it’s easy to do almost anything, but what do you do when you don’t have the right circumstances, what do you do then?

It’s good to have a vision in your life, but many people just wander through life.

For example me: I’m an open guy, I always wanted to make money through the web, but I didn’t imagine how hard it is when I didn’t try to do it.

Many times I was discouraged by other people who said that blogging is a waste of time and you can do better with your life.

People like to discourage you – it’s in their genes.

But a person, who has the aim to his future life can do something every day or every week that supports his future lifestyle.

If one is good at writing articles then he should write articles, there is nothing bad about it.

Not all people have strengths and weaknesses, some have only weaknesses.

There are many ill people, one million people die everyday.

When you wake up you should be glad that you’re not the one dead and you can continue with your own life.

Life is not a journey, it’s a process of conscious effort. If one is living unconsciously due to his lack of knowledge, he might end up being somewhere vague.

Real News

Donald Trump Made A Fart, it's good for the business

When it comes to creating good news a man has to have a lot of creativity.

It would be awesome to create a website dedicated to some nonsense, because let’s admit it – people like nonsense. Well, because nonsense makes us all laugh.

There are plenty of serious stuff in the world but something stupid is sure entertaining.

You can smell Donald’s Fart – here

Why there are no visitors on a website?

I’ve been online for many years and yet, marketing isn’t my strong side.

I realized that people don’t come to your website not because the website is bad but because there aren’t enough links online to ‘find’ your website.

When it comes to Google and Traffic – Google is not your friend.

If a blogger relies on Google to gain traffic and momentum, he’s making a big mistake.

Actually Google decides if our website is good or not. If a person wants good traffic, he should write all those click bait titles. They attract some traffic.

But to be honest, there’s no traffic because your website – sucks, nobody is interested in a website like this one. Because it’s just personal ramblings for people who know me – if people don’t know me, they have no interest in this website.


The website should appeal to people, but whatever, you’re better of making a website about cats or porn or whatever and it will be better than a blog with personal ramblings.

You gotta try

When it comes to making money online, you got to keep trying until you find something that works.

Essentially money online is: traffic + conversion = $$$

Back in the day – I was afraid to risk my money but now I think – I need to risk money so I could get even more money. I know that growing websites is a long boring and dull task but what do I have to lose?

I have one plan and I will unfold it when it’s done.

I don’t want to tell what I will do because everytime I tell something – nothing works out…

Trying the new Gutenberg

Ok, my posts aren’t that awesome, but I guess this shit must be good.

In a sense, I hate new things, new things make me very uncomfortable and I don’t like being uncomfortable.

Sad. Sad. Sad because uncomfortable.

I really don’t like being uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the environment.

Actually, when I think about it. I never started working because it was uncomfortable. I always did things that felt good.

Playing the guitar, riding a bicycle, writing, vlogging – these things never were bad or uncomfortable.

But due to being afraid of being uncomfortable I really have limited experience and life but whatever. 

Yeah, sure I could go do all the gym stuff, but whatever man – I just don’t see the point, what’s the point of doing some bullshit job. What’s the point in learning and whatever.

Why push the sick and almost dead body…

Today I did:

  • 3 push ups
  • 3×10 squats
  • 2×10 crunches
  • 10 vertical jumps

Man, I’m fucking tired. My body can barely move. All upper teeth are almost destroyed. Got to go to the dentist. It would be great if they pulled out all those bad teeth, but no they’re going to swirl and drill and try to recover them – WTF man.

I just want to sleep, eat, shit, repeat.

This fucking nihilistic life pisses me off. 

I wish I was non-material – because the body is so fragile. There’s probably nothing worse in life than a bad and weak body…

The stupidity of life is that life itself is absurd. I mean my life for me. Because I’m tired of living but I don’t want to kill myself. New days don’t bring anything new.

Tomorrow I will wake up and lurk at my laptop, in fact the upcoming ten years I will lurk on my computer. I’m like this man who sees the future.

WTF man, this new gutenberg editor lags like shit on my chromebook.

Hmm, it appears that Yoast plugin was causing the lag. deactivated the plugin and now it’s fine… 🙂

I have to admit that my body is neither strong nor aesthetic.

Nihilism is a disease.

I can’t understand what’s the fucking problem. Is it my food or what, because I have no energy. And I quit smoking almost a month ago. Sure I don’t cough no longer. I guess I’m going to end up dead few years later. Because I slept two days. I just like sleeping.

If somebody would ask me: do you enjoy your life?

I would say: No

These fucking mood swings piss me off. I don’t know – maybe tomorrow will be a better day because today – I’m pissed.

Life essentially is problems and problems and problems. Wish I had problemless life. If there’s another miserable life after death – man, fuck this nonsense. Wish I could go into nowhere, into the void, into the non-existence… because dealing with other people and the nonsense of other people is just fucked up.

I hate drama and everyday life – I like thinking abstract thoughts just because being in my own head is better than facing this reality which is fucking harsh.

A man is never good enough due to competition and other crap.

I don’t know why but there aren’t a lot of things to appreciate. Wish there were more things I could appreciate. I just can’t understand why I write for people while actually disliking most of people.

I don’t like most people, I have to deal with people. People here, people there. And have to depend on people, got to do shit for people. Got to buy shit from people, man fuck this. I hope nobody’s reading this shit.

Over 30 years I haven’t seen any people I actually enjoy. People are fucking weird when I do weird stuff – I just show you you. I’m actually portraying you.

And when I think about it. Everything boils down to people’s products – you can’t like the person but you might like his product. 

Productblog, vlog, music, art, whatever the person produces.

If I would be a millionaire – sure I would like people but since I’m not a millionaire. I don’t like most people by saying most people. I mean my own social circle. Because let’s admit it – I don’t know and haven’t seen all 8 billion people to judge them. 

I’m talking about people from my social circle, the people I’ve met during my life. Some I like but aren’t in any relationship.

When talking about friends. I can assure you – having friends is really really rare whilst having some followers you give no shit is common. Followers online are just random stalkers. People who like to stalk.

This one is good.

Generally I like life but I was misfortunate with many things in life. Maybe, I don’t like people because I see the misperfection? 

I just don’t know. When I was a kid – most of my friends were idiots and wherever I look I see idiots and idiots and I don’t know why it happened to me.

I just know one thing: nobody will ever tell me something smart. 

If I want something smart – I got to seek it out by myself.

Maybe because I like philosophy, I find hard to relate to other people.

I know there are me like people somewhere, people who can relate to me and I can relate to them – that’s why I started this clumsy blog.

Will your death make a buzz?

You know as an artist, I wonder will my death make a buzz but when I think about it – 1 million people die every day, do I know about them?  No.

If I don’t care about children starving in africa, then starving children in africa don’t care about me. Even if I cared about starving children in Africa, the Africa kids wouldn’t care about me.

From my standpoint – nobody cares about anybody.

I don’t care about people I don’t know and to be frank I don’t care about people whom I know. 

Reason is: everybody’s thinking about himself – how to survive to the next day.

I was talking about the abundance but me in my life aren’t really abundant. I know there’s a lot of money out there but I don’t sell anything – I don’t have anything to sell, just my time and I don’t want to sell my time.

That said – I’m done.

I approve the Gutenberg and it reminds me of medium’s editor but more advanced.

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