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Day: December 6, 2018

You can do your own shit

Hmm, when I look at writers and brands and artists I know it’s hard to kick in to the market, did I say this correctly? Well, anyway.

I never pursued big and great things, but show me a man or an artist who doesn’t want recognition.

Every single ‘creator’ wants some recognition, even god wanted to be recognized so he created christianity and other religions to be admired.

Whenever you ship your shit – you’re going to be judged.

If nobody gives feedback on your work, it must mean that your work doesn’t get any views…

But well, fuck that… Everyone can criticize, but only few can do the work of creating.

Creating shit is really hard, most creators of music and other arts, even writing – blow my mind, – the lizard brain tells me: “you suck, you miserable fuck.” and everytime I fall for it… because it’s true.

PS. today I asked myself, why the fuck I started this blog? The answer is pretty obvious, to spam the shit out of the web with myself… Occupy the web, to be in the web and to die, well, in the web…

PPS. probably the best thing about blogs is – writing it…

You shouldn’t settle with what you have

Sure you must be grateful for what you have, but if you have poor life conditions, you should invest your life in pursuing something that you like.

Life is full of opportunities, we just don’t see them.

Most of the time every venture is a trial and error until you get it right.

Poor life conditions can make you discouraged and people who see that your life conditions are poor will drag you down.

It’s all about building a system which brings you money and it’s really hard despite what other people are saying.

Today success is social success. If people let you be who you want to be it’s okay, but sometimes they won’t let you.

When you’re a nobody people will want to keep you a nobody.

But you don’t want to listen to that kind of people. You want people who help you build yourself, even though you share your knowledge and try to bring people up, there will be occasions when people will want to bring you down and crush you – these are the desperate people.

Even when you can’t life your dream life it’s because you don’t have enough knowledge.

As my mother said: people who do – make it done.

And you want to be a doer.

Sure some will tell you go exercise or it healthy, but if it’s not something you want to do, then just don’t do it.

Focus on what you want instead of focusing on what you don’t want.

When you know what you want it becomes were easy to do something everyday.

Not interested

Actually I don’t regret on my life’s choices but I regret of not being a normal and formal entity.

As I recall school – I was not interested in shit people told me because at the very baby steps of my life I knew I was not going to be working, generally I was interested in philosophy and after 30+ of philosophy I realized that philosophy is useless.

What I do isn’t even philosophy, these are just thoughts…

I just don’t know what people do with ‘philosophy’, is ‘philosophy’ even a thing these days?

If philosophy is so useful, why there are no jobs labelled ‘philosopher’?

I guess philosophy by itself is just bunch of bullshit…

Right from birth I was defined… I would rather be a dumb mindless fuck working at mcdonalds or elsewhere… I’m not saying these folks are dumb or what, but wtf man I do with all these thoughts? I bet every single thought I have is written before.

I wish I would love creating music or something useful….

Now, I got just bunch of useless knowledge… 🙁

Fuck man I hate this stuff, can’t even make myself a living, have to depend on a dole and other stuff – how these people do their stuff I just don’t know.

Read and watch about money stuff, but this stuff doesn’t make me money.

I guess I’m just a small little stupid man.

Couldn’t even survive on my own – fuck this…

I suck – at least I’m honest.

I see these people who just mind blow me everytime and then I actually question my knowledge and really understand that I’m the stupid one…

I just can’t compete. I have no competence as a writer, as a blogger and as a creator of cool things because if I had – I would have some cash and now I’m a bum.

This man is being honest with myself.

I hate code and the writing urges

I tried to program, many many times, I kind of understand some of it, but coding just pisses me off – because of the rules…

While in writing, there are no rules… Well at least I know some rules of writing, but coding man it pisses me off.

When I was a kid, I didn’t learn to code because I saw how many of the code people are creating. I just can’t code, in fact man – I can’t do anything.

I just don’t know shit, everything is hard and boring.

Played guitar 2 years and didn’t learn anything major… I feel respect towards people who play music, because wtf man everything is so hard.

PS. Today is the day of me being pissed and dull and bored.

PPS. Quit writing the gratitude journal, in fact writing is stupid but I have these urges of writing. I wish I was like normal people, without any creative urges, because, let’s be honest – my writing, both lithuanian and english – suck.

I don’t want to create anything. I want to, but I just can’t produce anything good and worthy… I just want so write a fucking diary about my miserable life.

Fuck everything.

../., (-_-) ..\.,

Black has to be processed, too

Few days ago I found out about floating, well I knew about it earlier.

I’m interested in getting out of the “matrix”, total sensory deprivation.

But yesterday when I went to sleep I kinda realized that black color has to be processed too.

Black is something. Black is not nothing.

I guess the best sensory deprivation is when you’re a sleep.

In my opinion it doesn’t matter where you are – your brain is going to process information.

Black is something, Silence is something.

I believe that the tank is there to trick the mind that it’s not processing anything.

Even when the body is in the void – it has to process the ‘void’.

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