Let’s admit one thing:

The world is against you and you know it. The world constantly beats the shit out of you – it’s normal, well it’s normal for me, maybe it’s normal for you.

I got used that the world gives me shit all the time I want to create something. People say my books suck, people say my videos suck, my blogs suck and my podcasts suck, but in the end you know what? I’m building a content empire which gives me followers mostly everyday.

And you want that.

But sometimes there are times, where people give me so much crap so I end up all negative and crying and then I go to my only supporter which supports me for free via internet.

I can do it for you, too, if you want. Just contact me when you have a really bad day. I will boost you up every time you need a supported.

The supporter is a dude which makes you bounce back up no matter how hard you got hit.

If you trust the supported who keeps you bouncing from failure to success – you owe it to him, because he’s the one who is doing the hard task.

Dealing with people’s down emotions is really hard. That’s why we have all these psychologists.

When looking for a supported, you need to look for a person who understands what you’re trying to accomplish.

Let me break it to you:

People will never support you if they don’t understand what you’re doing. Period.

You don’t need to explain to people what you do, let them figure out by themselves and sooner or later you will find a supporter who will support in every life direct you might choose to go.

People go hard on me because I don’t work. People think I lurk on the pc and do nothing, but you see – I want a job, which I can do naked. No it’s not porn but it’s close to it – it’s writing via the web. It’s really hard to do it when people keep knocking you till your socks go off.

It’s really hard trust me on this one.

When people punch me and knock me out of good mood – I go to my supporter and tell all my insecurities and vulnerabilities and he tells me that I’ve already accomplished much of the stuff.

So if you’re an open individual – you’d better spend your time creating art. In any way you know how, if you don’t know – pick any and build up your competence and skills.

Life will kick the shit out of you.

Trust me on this one, life fucks us all, doesn’t matter if we want it or we don’t.

That’s just life.