Задрот – zadrot.

Zadrot is a russian word for a person, generally a critic or back end gamer who always is unhappy with the real performance of athletes or the one’s actually doing something.

Today I get a lot of hate because I don’t work. Although I hustle online, yet no major profits and if I had profits I wouldn’t tell you…

My work is more of a social experiment to see how many people can support a person with no reputation, no money and almost homeless guy.

Since success isn’t something you can take, it depends on the people around you.

My duty isn’t to be forget by outer world, but instead to forge the outer world according to myself.

There are many people who blame you for being you.

I don’t know why people do it, maybe they’re jealous.

Anyway, the zadrot people, are always better than you and claim they can bank everything while actually not doing anything.

I like blogging because I have a dream where I travel the world, make some bank and write crap with my underwear as I am doing now to be honest. Took a bath was lazy to equip my self with proper gear as gamers would say.

You see a person who finds himself amusing has to prove it to the world. If one believes he is an interesting guy he then should pursue this virtue and maybe someday he can travel the world.

Making sales online isn’t that hard but making constant sales is hard.

That’s why I started this blog, to get constant swag sales, to sell ads, to get opportunities but I can’t do any of this while being not famous… and being famous is like really hard. Was famous for 15 minutes and then everything faded. And people forgot about me… Life..

Being known can bring a lot of opportunities, but you can’t be known if you get no traffic. You need constant traffic, constant sales to survive, but I don’t want to be this guy who shoves you all those pop ups in your face and persuades you to subscribe and shit.

Anyway, the community has to permit you to be successful, if the community doesn’t permit – you won’t be ever successful despite your efforts.

You have to remember that it’s social success. The more people believe in you – the more you’re going to be successful.

Without the community, without the market – nobody can be successful. People have to play your game.

The most valuable asset one can have is the asset of human attention.

If nobody cares about your work and the work has meaning only to you then you won’t be successful despite your efforts. Sure people want the free stuff, but if nobody will buy from you – you’ll never ever be rich.

Sales is convincing people to buy your story.

I don’t like convincing people therefore I’m a bad salesman.

Good salesmen make billions of cash per year. If you don’t make sales – you’re a bad salesman. Numbers prove all.

And you can’t buy respect for money.

This russian guy told stories how people invested all their cash into shiny youtube videos and it didn’t work… He also told stories how people faked their success, bought their views, likes and comments to increase social proof – I don’t want to do that… If I’m not successful I will tell you.

And currently I’m not successful, my only success till this day is that I don’t have to work. And I can do whatever I want with my time.

So I invest my time into this blog and maybe something good will happen. I also don’t want to do a blog with that common crap since there’s no personality in it.

If people allow you to play this money making game, then period, you’re successful. You can’t take opportunities, people give them to you.

You can send thousands of CV to the firms, but if they don’t hire you a job thus you can’t take it.

I always had a firm belief that one must work for himself. But work without profits is like a hobby. It’s better to own your job than let people own you.

People work because they have to thus they’re slaves. If we won’t work we’ll get kicked out of the house. There’s just this big demand for money.

Also about blogging on blogs and blogging about money. The fact is that I don’t want a poor community, therefore I won’t be writing articles how to make money.

Teaching how to make money while making money is like the most ridiculous business. You can’t teach a person how to make money, you can give him a job then he will actually make money. You can make him a referer, he then will make money if he attracts a client to which you sell.

If you don’t know how to sell, seek out people who know how to sell and refer people to them to get a commision.

Just don’t be a zadrot, who claims he can make all that bank while doing nothing, one has to remember that people compete for that 1$ for that 10$ for that 100$ for that 1000$ and the option is to be in a competition.

The secret is that people don’t want you to do what you want, they want you to do like everybody else does. They’ll tell that blogging isn’t serious, that writing is bullshit, that vlogs suck, that your books are crap and they’ll do everything to burn you out and take you out.

Nobody wants you to be successful, at first.

Because if you’re higher in the hierarchy of competence, they’re going to envy you. Everybody envies the successful because success is rare.

Success is a lonely road and you have nobody besides you who can help you through the day, when you’re successful more money for you and less for them. Period.

Everybody wants to play on your emotions, doesn’t matter if it’s pity, envy, hope and etc. As long as you give money. In my case, I want you to support me if you like my stuff the money I receive will make me make more good stuff for you.

In general my business is community leading/building. It’s like a sect of cool people. These days you have to have a sect if you want to survive – you know.

The zadrot people will never buy from you, they’ll never support you and they’ll always consume your free stuff. And they’ll always remind you how you suck.

Just because nobody looks at the start of things, when people see a successful guy, they see him somewhere in the middle.

I know for a fact, if you have a dream – you have to build it. This blog won’t write itself and despite people who tell me that I do nothing, I actually build my assets in my underwear – how cool of a job that must be???

When you have your own job – you won’t get fired, ever.

And when there will be ruff times you just got to move forward.

Makes sense.

Don’t be a ZADROT.