You know, as a writer slash blogger I would love to write shit. I do this.

Because writing shit that’s not going to stand the test of time is satisfying.

I have wishes, well I have one. To get a constant blow job whilst I’m writing. I haven’t experienced this. I have had a blow job in a bus though and then my girl puked some sausages out. I almost puked myself.

If you have your dick sucked at least one time in your life, you know that you have something to offer, some fun, I would say, some cool good fun.

If girls paid me cash to suck my dick, I can’t go to porn, my dick stands like one minute, but I was smoking, five years on antipsychotics, man, if my dick is still standing after this shit, my dick is powerful and I made a choice to make a revive ritual to my dick due to fact that I quit smoking.

I’m a saving person, when I make a cum shot, I make it a sperm shot one sperm per load! Not more. I don’t want kids to live this fucked up miserable life, what can I offer to a kid? A mental disease? A bad heart? Man sick fat fucks should not make sick fat fucks, but they are making them anyway.

But I want to be honest with you, the machine reading my crap. I don’t care about people starving in Africa or India, all I care is attracting a publisher who would tell me, hey Vygis, your stuff is great, how about we publish your epic shit?

But no, this won’t happen, because those fucks are busy printing Stephens books.

Ok, let’s admit. I’m to stupid to write. Because all people are way smarter… but are you sure? How do you know who’s smart and who’s not?

Do you think that a person who’s writing shit you can’t understand and grasp is smart? Leave the smart shit to smart people.

Real writers write for themselves, not for readers, not for gods or whatnot, because there is something in this world that writer knows and the rest, well don’t.

There are two kinds of people: the stupid[inexperienced] and people you can’t ever compete and you are somewhere in the middle of that crap. Probably more on the stupid side, because hey man, you aren’t a millionaire. But you like a good read, because there isn’t anything better than a good read.

Life sucks for everyone of us, who has less than 100 followers. But for those who have several million idiots on their list, who like to like, who like to share, who like that inspiring bullshit which is fed by the rich, fuck the rich, they don’t know what they’re doing, but they are good at selling you shit on selling shit.

And that’s just what I need.

My wish is to convince people that my shit is not shit and it’s actually good for a certain market. A market who wants to see how misery and depression looks like, to see how the poor lowlifes in Lithuania live, Americans reading American shit? Fuck that, come visit Europe, at least once in your lifetime.

Sometimes I have disgusting thoughts, I’m not ashamed of them, because my thoughts are way better than yours, because you’re the one reading assuming if anyone reads.

Good writers and good sales people, millionaires, make other people miserable, why? Because they sell you the envy emotion, if you buy this shit, you’ll be like me with all millions and trillions and bla bla bla, this is shit.

I’ve read all books on millions and yet made nothing. Even when writing market is big, maybe less than gamer market, but big.

If not big enough, there would not be news portals and blogs and shit, this means there’s money if people are doing it.

Just gotta tweak my shit a little, so it’s more appealing to the plain dumb American reader, but wait, why dumb Vygis? Why suddenly the dumb?

It’s because there is a rule on knowledge sharing. If a piece is written and doesn’t teach you anything more than uploading a video on youtube which is simply self explanatory, so it makes me think how stupid are people and how smart are those who supply the stupid people, you know if I was 20 years now and found this stuff that I’m writing now, man I would read it, bookmark it, but I didn’t find anything over 10 years of surfing the web all day.

I like when people spit the shit out. I hate the typical accepter of things.

You have to go to a job!


You have to do this and that!

Okay, man, just don’t push me of the cliff.

I don’t accept things, the expectations of other, because I don’t know what other people think! What’s in their head, I know what’s in mine.

Sometimes good people just exploit your good side and then stab you in the back.

Life is full of morons and idiots and the smart are a minority.

I don’t consider myself smart and some consider me an idiot, so it’s fair.

Buck for buck and idiot for an idiot.

I met people when I was younger, some I liked until I disliked, some I liked until lost and some I never liked and some I was born with from the same exact pussy.

You know. I came with conclusion that the best sperm is your first sperm, no wonder why people are getting stupider. Masculine men just shoot out their sperm onto a napkin. You shoot out the inventors, the geniuses, the innovators, the philosophers, the cool dudes and then you are left with alcoholics, smokers, drug users, and the other scum.

Scum breed scum.

There’s nothing better than a whore, who makes it a little bit cheaper to buy her, not with flowers and chocolates and all that romantic shit. Fuck romance, it’s not going to get you pussy. There are two things that get pussy: money and muscle. This is being honest.

If you have money you’ll get your dick sucked by some girl who likes the cars and the restaurants and the life, if she liked frugal lifestyle she would suck my dick, because I’m frugal, I’m minimalist, have only two socks with holes in them.

I would love some artist chick, who would draw shit so that I would be amused and I would write to her, this would be epic.

But all I got is two hands with callosity from trying to revive my dick.

I see all these fucks rich and with chicks, wtf man, where’s my chick? I don’t want to fuck a dude like those gay people.

Like Leningrad said: the worst thing that can happen I become gay.

When I had the money, I saw how chick digg me, but when the money ended I became worthless. I had periods of money in my life and I had thrice the average money poor people have here in Lithuania.

Then I realized that you can make money by doing nothing as long as someone is paying it for you. People who do nothing and get money are so stupid because they like learning nothing absolutely.

When a person has a wish, he has to convince the world to give what he desires. Because if the world of pricks doesn’t give you what you want, how are you going to get it?

All people convince each other and tell each other to do stuff. Everyone is like buy my shit it will make you feel good.

When you want to sell the emotion of generosity, no rich person is buying. Because he spends his money to reduce the tax and to make more money. He’s not falling for the emotion trap – you’re the one falling into the emotion trap.

I had to admit, if you’re a lousy antisocial writer nobody gives a crap, nobody is going to suck your dick and nobody is going to give you cash.

If you don’t like my writing, come suck my dick, maybe you’ll like it.

Black dressed people, gray houses and depression, but I never was depressed when I had my dick sucked.

The bad thing about good times is that they are temporary. She blew you off and that’s it.

Experience is simply a memory which is basically useless.

I can’t just come to an employer and say man, I fucked 10 times per day for 2 years so it’s 7300 fucks in total and this is just with one girl, in my life I fucked somewhat 10 000 times when I do the math. But let’s assume it was just once per day, so If I spent 7 years in relationship with two girls it’s 2555 times. And I’m not happy about my sex life. I’m not happy, because my head is always with sex unless I write.

But sometimes, like this one, I just write about pussy, man I’m desperate, give me one million bucks for the shit I write, print my book, let the pricks read it.

Sometimes everything you want is on the other side, but man I see these rich fucks on the other side, but man, how do I get to the other side?

If I would be rich, I would fuck more than one bitch at a time, because you know – invest in experiences.

It’s so confusing, how many dicks I must suck to get something decent in my life, how many asses to lick? Sucking dick once does’t make you gay. But sucking it twice gives the assumption that you’ve liked it, but you don’t want to be gay in Lithuania, so lets be poor and not suck a dick, unless it’s pussy. Because a dick is just an overgrown pussy.

I want money, a chick and some dudes and chicks who read my shit – how do I get it? I fucking don’t know.

If I knew, you would be reading my stuff and paying me cash and sucking my dick if this sentence doesn’t describe you then my wish is just a wish.