primate climbing tree

Photo by Sebastian Molinares on Unsplash

I have to admit – I’m lazy as a sloth.

Been lazy ever since.

I’m a professional when it comes to being lazy.

Being lazy is good for you.

The story begins where all stories begin at the start, how crazy is that?

Laziness is a virtue only few poses. Everyone else – like fuck yea, just do it, but we – the lazy – we say fuck that, let’s not do anything.

As a lazy guy I can admit – I save energy for something more needed.

My life philosophy is about being as close to computers because computers are our nature, just because we’re animals of the information.

Fuck being in nature. Fuck being outside – and outside is scary.

I say this because 100 million people live in nature aka homeless.

If nature was so cool – nobody would build all these houses and all of this infrastructure so that we could be lazy forever.

Saving the energy

As a guy who likes to save energy for the purpose. I know that exercising and lifting weights makes you stronger but what do you do with your muscle? Just lift weights in the gym? Sure being good looking is cool if you’re insecure.

One has to decide.

  1. Do the looks matter?
  2. Or saving your energy matters more?

People like me are sloth type people, we can push our limits when there’s purpose. Sloth people know that the body adapts to the lifestyle you have.

If one’s lifestyle is bad, he might get fat. Because today we don’t have to starve until we catch some food. Living today is easy.

People can write with their computer, do some clicks and look – they have a full income, how easy can it get?

One’s nature

One has to look at his primitive side, the mammal side, the animals side.

Animals don’t work if they don’t have too. Many animals do nothing if they have good living conditions because let’s admit it – who wants to do stuff? Doing stuff sucks.

You see all these American motivations – work harder, do more, work more efficient and be smart, but if everyone does this then everyone becomes a machine, a cog in the system.

As a non-job guy. I been telling people to do stuff only if it fulfills them, if it doesn’t don’t do it.

Nature is dynamic – it revolves around you, it can smack you hard down to the ground or it can make you the kind of the modern age kids who worship idols as gods.

The body knows

Your body has survived for billions of years, it already knows what to do due to built in instincts. A person can’t imagine what body he has, it’s like the artifact with it’s own secrets. It just need circumstances to do stuff, if there are no circumstances it does nothing.

The ultimate goal of human body is to survive, essentially it doesn’t care about the conditions because survival is more important than the conditions.

Living good is good and people want to diminish unnecessary human suffering but other people do this stuff, if every single person is doing and working – you can slack of if you want because all the stuff will get done anyway.

In the perspective of the universe itself, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing stuff or not.

The universe doesn’t care about us. It wants to kill us every day.


If you’re feeling lazy, so be lazy.

The only thing you could do to make yourself healthier is quit smoking, drinking and use proper diet – your body will adapt to good food and you be healthy.

There is absolutely no reason to work hard when you’re consuming junk.

To stop consuming junk it takes a lot of awareness, because many people are not aware what they’re doing.

Aware people want a clean body.

If I had more money I’d be a fruitarian but to eat fruits you need more money than to eat junk.