I’ve been writing a lot lately, why?

Because it is my interest, not the interest of society, not the interest of government, not the interest of people or any mortals or gods.

I don’t know if god exists or not: I can tell both ways, therefore I just admitted that I don’t know.

What I know, earlier in life people did things to please god and it was epic.

When you want to please god or some higher form of entity that has created the matrix – you motherfucker want to do the best shit you can to impress god if he is out there.

Whilst my efforts to become the next big writer aren’t going well in the money aspect, I’d say – fuck expectations, because when I expect something in return I just can’t do it… There’s a glitch in the system. You desire to become a writer but you expect nothing, the thing is that being a writer is easy achievable you just write stuff and poof you’re a writer.

If the interest of any creator of art is to get sales and get into peoples souls that’s not creative that’s sales. Selling isn’t creative. Selling is simply an exchange, you can’t sell something nobody wants – would you buy my crap? WOULD YOU?

The writer has to have self interest, if he fails to have this interest he will eventually give up.

Purpose of writing is to write, to create and if you’re lucky to be appreciated, to be read.

If god exists he’s reading your shit, maybe he created you just so you could write funny stuff to him because he’s like – man, I love good stories and philosophy!!!

I don’t know. All I know it’s not me who created the matrix, things just happen.

And I’m not stupid. If I have nothing else to do, just write so I will write because I’m grateful for the stuff I have. I’m glad that I like atleast one thing in this life – it’s writing. It costs me 60€ to produce per year. I pay to write, not earn.

I don’t want to force anybody to read my garbage, these are thoughts – everybody has them, they are useless… worthless… while the apple has a price…

But you see a person who grows apples and works, has no time to think!!!

I’m so happy that people give me time to think, sit at home, surf the web and think!!!

Society invented all the tools so I can write shit online!!! This is awesome, man!!!

Reading a blog is interesting because you can get inside another head!!! There is no other tool to get you inside another head!!!

As a writer with desire to write and expect nothing out of the world I say that writing is quantity. I used to expect, I got fucking disappointed over 6 years that this shit I love doesn’t bring me money…

Americans are like man do what you love…and the money will come… man this is bullshit… if I like scratching my ass – will the money come??? The money comes only when you sell your ass to an ass scratcher and money goes when you buy an ass scratcher…

So when you pursue your own interests you will never see money in your pocket.

If your employer did the work himself, he would pay you shit! You would be useless…

I’m like ordering myself to write, but I don’t go out there saying people take, take, take a fucking look at my blog… I just mention that it is out there… so you can choose to read my shit if you like because if there’s no god – then why the fuck I’m writing all this shit?