The best investment for far that I’ve made is investment in my own knowledge.

You need skills in order to be successful in a capitalist monetary system.

When people steal or lure your money out – you then have some skills to make money again.

Skills are more valuable than money.

A lot of people I have encountered in my life here in Lithuania, want money and they want a lot of it, but they fail to realize that if a person doesn’t have any competence, he will fail making money. Nobody gives money for free, nobody cares if you’re a dying artist, nobody cares how much effort you put in growing your skills. What people care is the value you can bring to their life.

When you have the right skills, money making is actually an easy task. All you need is some skills, a service or a product and the right buyer, then you do the exchange.

Every person on the planet wants more money, but there aren’t solutions for people who have got no money, all you’re left to do is sell time in some job, but if you got no skills nobody is going to hire you.

So before you go and buy a bottle of beer, think about it.