I’ve been in the ignore stage for a long time. This is just how the game works for people who never go viral.

At first people ignore you so you would get discouraged, I got discouraged many times, but I just kept at it.

When people realize you won’t give up by being ignored, then they going to fight you with their online rants, tell you that you suck, you have no life and you’re miserable fuck.

Then they’re going to laugh at you and they’re going to laugh at you for a long time, but then again a person who is afraid to be ashamed should not do anything shameful, right? Wrong, person who wants to build his tribe, should make every possible mistake in the alphabet.

And then, after all the knockdowns you’re going to win. Winning actually takes a lot of time, therefore many people give up.

You just have to show up despite the facts against you, because otherwise you’ll never going to win. And they will win, because they knocked you down so hard, you couldn’t stand up – you don’t want that.

Being an individual is a fight against mediocre people. Most people are marionettes and they don’t know it.