white and green sheetwork on brown surface

Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash

When it comes to website design structure…

… you want to keep in mind few things.

You design can make or break the website.

Over 10 years on the computer I saw some pretty bad websites, but I didn’t bother to give feedback, but now that I started my blog – I can give you some feedback.

Website structure

When you make a website – you want to list your whole website under or equal to 3 clicks. Period. Why?

Because people won’t bother to subscribe to your blog or buy something from you while they don’t know you.

If you plan on running a big complex website, you want to structure it that way – that is easy to grasp the website itself.

The problem with modern age is that it’s just to much information and people just like to do complex things when there’s no need for complexity.

Call to Action

When you’re building a website or plan to structure the website – you want to include call to action thus driving some engagement. You can have some traffic on your blog or website but if nobody is doing anything on your website – your website design structure sucks.

When people visit your website – they want to consume it, use it, buy from it, get updates from it – your duty as a designer is to make it so easy that a goldfish would know how to do it.

If there’s no call to action – nobody will do anything and it’s a fact.

Branding and Design

When you’re making a website – you want to brand it.

Of course logo isn’t the point here. Nor the author or company is the point.

By branding I mean – creating a story which your brand does convey.

If you started with fulfilling needs of the poor, stick to the poor.

Design itself should please the eye.

If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good. – Adolf Hitler.

People these days don’t care about the content itself due to content overflood. They care about the presentation. The better you present your content and your website – the better.

Just because the first impression is valuable.

If your website, brand, design, story look stupid and silly – it’s going to stick in the head of the user. You want to impress people if you want to make it in capitalism because nobody wants to do business with losers.

Purpose of your website

The purpose of well structured website design is to sell and sell a lot.

If you’re making a website just for people to look at it – you’re better of not doing it at all.

Every website out there wants to sell you something. Directly or indirectly.

When websites don’t sell, they go out of order.


If you don’t want to sell – don’t be in business.

If you do want to sell – you should know that eye candy and ease of use is the way to go, therefore nobody likes to struggle and nobody wants a headache.