Waste of time

The age is computer. Computer generated soulless shit due to fact that no computer will ever have a soul.

If people will choose to read computer generated shit over something handwritten by writers then it just means that people themselves are soulless machines full of shit.

When I talk writing. I talk art itself. People know how to read but they don’t know what to read – this makes pure sense to read computer generated text.

If people care about the product then it doesn’t matter who produces the product because text product is just some arranged and rearranged letters.

Humans can spend years on crafting a masterpiece which never gets to people while computers can generate text under few minutes.

Computers don’t create, they generate.

If writing will die as an art form then you just can assume that people are dead already.

There are many philosophies out there, but there are no philosophy readers. – George Carlin.

It makes sense, text is always produced – the garbage is forgotten or never discovered. Text wellness is subjective and reading itself is time consuming.

Who decides what is good and what is not?