I know some people here in Lithuania who think they are not good enough to produce art or whatever.

The fact is if one is not good, how does he become good?

It’s by practice, performance and repetition. There simply is no other way.

When we look at our lives we can measure our success to external factors and societies expectations which we will always fail.

A person, who creates art will never be rich if he doesn’t sell his art.

I don’t like sales I would like to give all I got away but the fact that capitalism requires me to have money. Nobody’s going to compensate me saying: let’s give him everything for free because he doesn’t sell anything. It doesn’t work that way.

We can make our own expectations about our own success because being able to do what you want is good and successful. It’s good when you can do the grind whenever you want, not whenever you need.

Society will always want you to be rich, slim, muscular, beautiful, and etc.

Society has high standards but the fact is that the society itself barely can live up to those standards when people raise their standards everybody suddenly becomes a worthless piece of sack.

I’ll give you an example from real life. I used to be afraid to write in English and then I’ve got a free trial of prowritingaid and the stats literally told me that I write better than 70% of it’s user base. I was shocked.

English people don’t know how to write in English. I know I have bad grammar but whatever – who cares about the grammar, when 70% of users don’t know how to write.

This is an example of having a high standard, it’s hard to, when you don’t have the stats.

It’s hard to know if someone reads your blog, if you have no stats, it’s hard to know if someone watches your videos, if you don’t have the stats.

Stats always shown me that my shit has some value, if one can produce value, he is worth something even if it’s just a small audience.

You could be doing something for the big audience but you know – we aren’t ready for it yet.

Sometimes you just have to eat shit, period.

When one starts a journey on his success, he can’t just assume everyone will like him and lick his balls and give him money for doing some writing. It doesn’t work that way.

Everybody wants you to prove your words.

But as I told earlier, being a janitor is irrelevant for your dream career while being a marketer, sales person, performer is relevant – so one must pick relevant skills if he wants to build an empire someday.

Some people just don’t realize how hard it is to build a business and make sales. They just can’t because they’ve never tried. They assume you just do this and that and you’re done.

Some people are deluded and think in self limiting way. They add limit to themselves instead of growing and trying, they tell you money won’t make you happy while drinking beer everyday but man, you need a lot of cash to drink beer everyday. How can you drink, if you don’t have the cash? You don’t want to rely on someone else when it comes to drinking. I know this because I was there.

You need money to have good food, to rebuild your teeth when they go out of order, to have good clothes, to have a house. Money will make one happy, but when you realize how hard it is to make money you want to cry.

It’s hard to get the ball rollin’ but it’s worth to try and do and learn the hard way.

If you feel worthless, get some worth.